On the Tokyo foreign exchange market on the 24th, after a national holiday, long-term interest rates in the United States fell, and the yen exchange rate rose by more than 2 yen as interest rate differentials between Japan and the United States narrowed.

In the New York foreign exchange market on the 23rd, based on the minutes of the meeting held this month released by the Federal Reserve Board of the United States, the movement to sell the dollar and buy the yen strengthened, and this trend also occurred in the Tokyo market. As a result, the yen appreciated further.

▽ The yen exchange rate as of 5:00 pm is 138.97 yen to 138.99 yen, which is 2.83 yen higher than the 22nd.

▽ Against the euro, 1 euro is 144.76 yen to 80 yen, which is 80 yen higher than the 22nd.

▽ The euro was 1 euro = 1.0416 to 17 dollars against the dollar.

A market insider said, ``In the minutes, many participants argued that it would be appropriate to slow down the pace of interest rate hikes in the near future. The movement to buy the yen has strengthened," he said.