The government compiled its monthly economic report for November and maintained its basic assessment that the economy is "recovering moderately" based on the recovery in food and lodging, etc.

On the 24th, the government held a meeting of related ministers and compiled this month's monthly economic report.

Based on this, we

have judged that "personal consumption" is "gradually picking up" because demand for services such as eating and drinking and lodging, as well as clothing, is recovering amid the transition to with corona.

In addition,

▽ ``Capital investment'' is ``recovering'', saying that investment that had been postponed due to the corona vortex is active against the background of the record high ordinary profit of companies from July to September this year. I'm doing it.

▽ "Exports" is said to be "almost flat" because the demand for electrical equipment is on the decline due to the global demand for smartphones and PCs slowing down, while the demand for automobiles is increasing. increase.

Based on these,

▽ Regarding the economy as a whole, we have maintained the basic judgment from July this year, saying that it is "recovering moderately."

As for the outlook, he cited the downside of overseas economies due to global monetary tightening as a risk, and said that it is necessary to pay close attention to the impact of rising prices.