A government meeting aimed at realizing social security for all generations was held, and a summary of issues was presented, including the creation of a new system to provide benefits to those who chose to work shorter hours for childcare.

Prime Minister Kishida requested that a report indicating the direction of future reform be compiled by the end of the year based on the summary of issues.

At the meeting on the 24th, the points of discussion by the experts so far were summarized, and the child-rearing support measures and the reform of the medical system were included.

Among these measures, child-rearing support measures include the

creation of a new system that provides benefits for a certain period of time in order to strengthen economic support for those who have chosen to work shorter hours for childcare and self-employed people who do not have a childcare leave system. increase.

▽ Toward the

realization of the measures, we are requesting that we consider permanent financial resources and show the immediate path toward "doubling the children's budget" in the next fiscal year's "Basic Policy."

On the other hand, in the

medical system reform, we are proposing a system in which all medical insurance subscribers, including the elderly who can afford to pay, support each other in order to significantly increase the lump-sum allowance for childbirth and childcare.

At the meeting, Prime Minister Kishida said, ``In line with the summary of issues, we will proceed with the examination towards the end of the year, and after organizing the issues that should be implemented immediately and the medium- to long-term issues, we will prepare a report that shows the direction of future reforms. I would like you to compile this."

He also instructed the relevant ministers to compile a comprehensive policy package by the end of the year, including the promotion of the introduction of nursing care robots, citing concerns about the shortage of human resources responsible for nursing care.