China News Service, November 24. According to the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, on the 23rd, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs held a video conference on the promotion of the high-quality development of national economic crops and the promotion of the "three products and one standard" in the planting industry.

  The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to firmly establish a big food concept, adhere to the problem-oriented and systemic concept, deeply analyze the new situation and new requirements, identify the main points of focus, accelerate the high-quality development of economic crops and characteristic industries, and use practical actions to help comprehensively promote rural revitalization .

  The meeting pointed out that accelerating the high-quality development of economic crops is the need to implement the big food concept, adapt to the changing trend of the food structure of the people, and promote farmers to increase their income and become rich. and effective ways to compete.

All localities should further enhance their sense of responsibility and urgency from the overall and strategic perspective, seize opportunities and increase efforts to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the economic and industrial industries, and improve quality and efficiency.

  The meeting emphasized that in line with the requirements of high-quality development, there are still many problems and shortcomings in my country's economic crop production.

It is necessary to adhere to the problem orientation, fully, accurately and comprehensively implement the new development concept, adhere to the big food concept, coordinate the coordinated development of grain and economy, and coordinate the maintenance of quantity, variety and quality to build an industrial system, production system and system for the high-quality development of economic crops. The management system is the goal, strengthen market orientation and innovation drive, promote suitable planting in suitable areas, green and standardized mechanized production, develop moderate-scale operation and socialized services, and focus on improving total factor productivity, with moderate scale, reasonable structure, distinctive features, and advanced models , Environmentally friendly and high-quality development.

  The meeting called for strengthening leadership, intensifying collaboration, cooperating with each other, and taking multiple measures simultaneously to solidly promote the high-quality development of the cash crop industry.

  The first is to strengthen top-level design drive.

Adhere to suitable planting in suitable areas and orderly development, and avoid blind introduction and disorderly expansion of species.

Adhere to the principle of not competing with grain for land, and it is strictly forbidden to grow fruit and tea on permanent basic farmland and high-standard farmland.

  The second is to gather resources to drive.

Coordinate and make good use of supporting policies such as industrial integration development, subject cultivation, quality and safety, flexibly make good use of financial services, actively guide social investment, and form a multi-investment pattern.

  The third is to clarify the direction of the main attack.

Focusing on the improvement of "three products and one standard" in the planting industry, speed up the breeding of high-quality cotton, double-high sugarcane, special fruits and vegetables, etc., promote the transformation of old fruit and tea gardens, promote the green production method of reducing the amount of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and create a number of demonstration models .

  The fourth is to strengthen the promotion of industrial integration.

Demonstrate and popularize order production models such as "request vegetables according to map" and "request fruits according to map", accelerate the promotion of "Internet +" business model, create a number of well-known brands, develop new industries and new formats such as leisure and picking according to local conditions, and realize the prosperity of the industry and the prosperity of the people , The unity of ecological beauty.

(China New Finance and Economics)