, November 23rd (Zuo Yuqing, Zhongxin Finance and Economics) Three online concerts a day were staged simultaneously on the three major platforms, making the past weekend extremely lively.

  Kuaishou & Jay Chou, TME & Luhan, Douyin & Tengger not only cover multiple age groups such as post-00s, post-90s, post-80s and even post-70s, it makes many people hate that they only have two ears. It even swiped the hot search list, making the topic the hottest.

  While many fans are arguing about whose concert is more popular, short video platforms have become the biggest winners behind the traffic.

Platforms and sponsors are winning

  From summer to winter, on November 19th, Jay Chou's online "Pigeon Club" finally turned into a real "Brother Club".

  "I didn't expect to download Kuaishou for the first time to listen to Jay Chou's concert." A fan of Jay Chou told Zhongxin Finance that he downloaded Kuaishou just to wait for "Ye Qinghui".

  On social platforms, many fans expressed similar sentiments: "Download Kuaishou, sit and wait on July 30th. A table of fans, as young as 14 years old, as old as 41 years old." "No one can let me download Kuaishou , except Jay Chou."

  How much traffic did Jay Chou bring to Kuaishou?

  According to the data released by Kuaishou, as of the night of November 19, the number of reservations for this Kuaishou exclusive Jay Chou's first online concert exceeded 28.83 million, the highest number of simultaneous online users exceeded 11.29 million, and the total number of likes reached 1.05 billion, setting a record for Kuaishou's online concert. New concert record.

After the concert, the number of fans of Jay Chou's Kuaishou account has exceeded 53 million.

Data related to Jay Chou's online concert released by Kuaishou.

The picture is from Kuaishou’s official Weibo account.

  The ultra-high viewing data not only detonated the entertainment circle again, brought traffic to Kuaishou, but also made the exclusive sponsor Hongqi Motors "in the limelight".

Whether it is on a promotional poster or a concert playback interface, the icon of the Hongqi car is particularly conspicuous.

  Sponsoring concerts to increase brand exposure has also become a new way for car companies to break the circle in recent years.

According to previous media reports, Tian Chuan, director of the marketing department of Jihu Automobile, revealed during this year's Chengdu Auto Show that the company paid tens of millions of performance fees for Cui Jian and Luo Dayou's online concerts.

Online concert = traffic password?

  On the short video track, Kuaishou, who adheres to the principle of "traffic inclusiveness", needs to find another way to find a breakthrough when the user growth dividend fades.

  In May 2020, Jay Chou became the spokesperson of Kuaishou.

Also handed over to Kuaishou is the short video platform copyright authorization of all Jay Chou's songs and song MVs.

  "The only one on the whole network, only in Kuaishou." This is the self-introduction of Jay Chou's Kuaishou account "Classmate Zhou".

As Jay Chou's first Chinese social media, how to play Jay Chou's IP trump card, the online concert has become the result of Kuaishou's choice after three years of signing.

Jay Chou Kuaishou account.

Screenshot from Kuaishou.

  Under the influence of the epidemic, Stefanie Sun, Luo Dayou, Cui Jian and many other stars have moved their concerts online. While reshaping the new format of the music industry, it has also brought new traffic opportunities to many short video platforms.

  On September 3 this year, Andy Lau chose to "Sing Me To You" on Douyin. The live broadcast of this online concert ended with more than 350 million viewers.

And within a month, Liang Jingru and Eason Chan also "singed" on Douyin.

From the list of all the stars, it can be seen that "feelings" has become the "killer feature" for short video platforms to develop online concert traffic.

  However, for the short video platform, in order to achieve the immersive experience effect of an offline concert, it is still necessary to continuously optimize the technology.

Zhongxin Finance noticed that the quality of some online concerts was uneven, and there were problems such as playback errors.

On social platforms, many netizens complained about problems such as vertical screen playback and inability to cast screens, which led to poor visual effects of online concerts.

  Some people in the industry pointed out that the preparation of online concerts seems to be simpler than offline performances, but in fact they face more technical challenges such as radio, signal, and interactive access.

At the same time, how to provide a more diverse income structure for free online concerts and achieve self-consistency in business is also a problem that platforms need to solve in terms of traffic monetization.