On October 29, the "First E-sports School Team Selection Season National Competition" hosted by Douyu officially kicked off.

In this event, Douyu has launched in-depth cooperation with its chief strategic partner IQOO. It is expected to cover 13 provinces and cities across the country and more than 400 colleges and universities, and hold the largest large-scale national campus e-sports event in China.

Up to now, more than 1,000 e-sports teams from more than 250 colleges and universities in Hebei, Chongqing, Shandong, Jilin, etc. have signed up to participate in this competition.

  It is worth noting that this Douyu e-sports school team selection season will specially use the industry's first "play while recruiting" competition recruitment mode to provide more students with the opportunity to participate in the competition.

At the same time, it also innovatively joined the e-sports commentary track, the second-channel live broadcast track and the e-sports team leader track, and recruited high-efficiency performing arts groups, which will open up the career advancement channel of anchors for the majority of students.

Ten thousand people participate in the upsurge to widely tap college e-sports talents

  According to reports, there are three types of games in this competition: League of Legends PC game, League of Legends mobile game and King of Glory, which are divided into two main race tracks and a live broadcast competition track.

After the start of the competition, the competition still continues the competition recruitment rules of "playing while recruiting". First, in-campus promotion competitions will be held in major colleges and universities, and the influence of the competition will continue to expand during the competition. During the period, more college students will be recruited to participate in this competition. , select the representative teams of each college to participate in the school-level league, and then be promoted to the provincial league after many rounds of exciting duels, and screen out the national top four to enter the national competition and compete for the final championship.

  This special schedule design encourages more students to sign up for the competition, so that more young people have the opportunity to stand on the stage of e-sports competitions. It is expected that the number of participating players will reach 25,000.

Players can search for "National Competition Registration" in the Douyu APP and enter the [Douyu Campus] fish bar registration post to register.

  In this competition, Douyu and iQOO have carried out in-depth cooperation, and the offline competition will be held in the iQOO e-sports hall.

The competition will be held in designated 13 cities Shandong (Jinan, Linyi, Qingdao), Jiangsu (Nanjing, Changzhou, Nantong), Hebei (Baoding, Shijiazhuang), Chongqing, Yunnan (Kunming, Dali), Guangxi (Nanning), Fujian (Fuzhou) ) to set up a designated e-sports venue, and teams can participate in the nearest competition.

  On the first day of the competition, the online Shanghai competition of Fujian Normal University, Xiamen University of Technology, and Yunnan Vocational and Technical College was in full swing.

The exciting competition on the offline iQOO track was also staged simultaneously. On October 30, the "I don't want to win the championship" team of Chongqing Electronic Engineering Vocational College and the "Xingshengtang" team of Shandong First Medical University won the championship on the match day respectively.

Open e-sports commentary track in-depth layout and innovative campus events

  In the live broadcast content of this event, in addition to a large number of campus events, Douyu will innovatively join the e-sports commentary track, the second-way live track and the e-sports team leader track, and will also recruit college performing arts groups ( This will hopefully open up the career advancement channel for campus students to become anchors, attract more non-player college students to participate, and select e-sports talents in a multi-dimensional and three-dimensional manner.

  As a part of the e-sports ecosystem, campus e-sports events have always been an existence that cannot be ignored.

According to iResearch's "2022 China E-sports Industry Report", youth is the most important characteristic of e-sports users. According to the survey data, the proportion of e-sports users under the age of 25 reaches 47.0%.

As early as 2016, after the Ministry of Education added the major of e-sports and management, many undergraduate and vocational colleges have set up related courses to cultivate talents in the e-sports industry, and the atmosphere of e-sports in colleges and universities has become increasingly strong.

  As a diversified content platform centered on games, Douyu has long realized that campus e-sports and even national e-sports can greatly enrich the existing e-sports content ecology, and overweight self-made events has also become an important part of the platform's development of e-sports content ecology. action.

  It is understood that Douyu has established a complete system of college competitions, and has held more than 600 college competitions in more than 800 high-level colleges and universities, and has gained a strong appeal and influence among college students.

  The relevant person in charge of Douyu said: "E-sports has already become one of the most common entertainment methods in colleges and universities, especially in major event nodes, e-sports will become an important link for students to communicate with each other. Douyu organizes college events. It is to provide a platform for more college e-sports enthusiasts to show themselves, serve college organizations and groups, and tap more potential e-sports talents. At present, Douyu has successfully held 'Douyu' in Hubei, Shandong and Sichuan E-sports school team selection season', this national competition will give more campus students the opportunity to stand on the stage of e-sports. In the future, we will continue to create college events with local characteristics in more potential provinces and cities ."

  Campus e-sports is just one step in Douyu's efforts to develop national e-sports.

In the future, Douyu will continue to add more diversified self-made events, explore more self-made events with different content forms, give full play to the advantages of professional game live broadcast platforms in content production and event operation, and enrich the platform's e-sports content ecology.