On Line 10 of the Beijing Subway, the slogan "Treat hair loss and regenerate hair, Zhendong Da Feixin" slogans across the entire carriage.

In the advertisements of Focus elevators in many mid-to-high-end communities, it is difficult to ignore the advertisements of "looking for black mysteries when you lose your hair and white hair".

With staying up late and increasing work pressure, hair loss is no longer an exclusive label for men and other groups. Hot words such as "bald girls" and "the first batch of post-95s are already bald" have flooded people's attention. This reflects the fact that The ever-expanding market demand.

Facing the 100 billion market supported by 250 million people with hair loss, OTC pharmaceutical factories, hair transplant institutions and hair therapy chain brands have successively deployed, trying to occupy a place in this market from multiple dimensions.

  "Three people, one must lose their hair"

  "The product I've been using lately is called dense hair powder, which uses physical methods to blacken your scalp. I used it today, the only problem is that it's best not to sweat..." Talk show actor Wang born in 1994 Mianyi used a humorous way to tell the current hair loss phenomenon of young people on a show.

  Hair loss is no longer a label for middle-aged and elderly people, but is getting closer and closer to young people.

The CIC report shows that the trend of younger age of hair loss population in China is obvious. 60% of people have signs of hair loss at the age of 25, and 84% of the population loses hair before the age of 30.

  Wu Qinghui, the founder of Black Mystery, said in an interview with a reporter from Beijing Business Daily, "If you walk with three people, one person will lose/grey hair." In the past, everyone thought that hair loss would occur at a certain age, or only those who were mentally labored. Affected by factors such as accelerated rhythm, work pressure, and staying up late, hair loss and even gray hair problems are getting younger and younger. Young people must have one or two friends with hair loss or gray hair.

  Stress is one of the factors that can lead to hair loss.

Dr. Liu Xiaoyong, Department of Dermatology, Air Force General Hospital, told the Beijing Business Daily that there are many reasons for hair loss, such as heredity, inflammation around the hair follicle, high life pressure, tension and anxiety, and poor living and eating habits.

Nowadays, there are more and more hair loss among young people. In fact, it is mainly related to the living habits of young people, such as frequent staying up late, high mental stress, and greasy diet, which lead to the early arrival of hair loss.

  The rejuvenation of hair loss has brought about market expansion.

According to Frost & Sullivan's forecast, the market size of China's hair health services will reach 138.1 billion yuan in 2030.

According to the CIC report, the number of hair loss patients in my country has increased rapidly from 195 million in 2016 to 267 million in 2021, and is expected to reach 343 million in 2026.

  Enterprise fancy market grab

  In the face of the "bald" market of hundreds of billions of dollars, including medicines, hair transplants, physiotherapy, etc., major manufacturers enter the market through different forms, all expecting to get a piece of the pie.

  After establishing the category of hair physiotherapy, Black Mystery provides scalp care, hair loss prevention and other services through hundreds of stores across the country.

At present, Black Mystery has four series of products: hair loss therapy, gray hair therapy, scalp conditioning, and hair care.

Offline stores are one of the channels of Black Mystery. Customers experience hair physiotherapy services in stores to solve the problem of hair loss and white hair. The main source of revenue still comes from the product supply chain.

In a live broadcast event in September this year, the total daily turnover of Black Mystery exceeded 8.13 million yuan.

Headquartered brands are good at acquiring customers, while brick-and-mortar entrepreneurs can focus more on the service experience of in-store customers.

  OTC drugs are another category in the hair loss market.

Opposite to Zhendong Pharmaceutical Dafeixin is Mandi, a subsidiary of 3SBio, both of which are OTC external medicines for hair loss.

In the increasingly fierce market environment, various companies are trying to create a closed business loop and form barriers to competition.

The pharmaceutical company has launched a series of shampoos to meet the itching needs of users for mild hair loss.

  Zhendong Pharmaceutical said that the current domestic hair loss industry is growing rapidly and the market space is broad.

The company plans to increase investment in the market development and marketing of hair loss product Dafeixin, and plans to further increase its market share by promoting in-depth cooperation with downstream hair transplant companies and conducting mergers and acquisitions in the upstream and downstream industry chains when appropriate.

  In the past three years, some of the needs for hair loss have been solved by online daily chemical or professional line products, and most of the needs have been transformed into community-based hair therapy.

Due to the high cost of time and energy for hospital visits, ordinary washing and care products cannot achieve the purpose of long-term maintenance of hair loss and white hair. More and more users hope to solve their hair loss and white hair problems at the hair physiotherapy shop at their doorstep.

"Faced with the current growing demand for hair loss and white hair users, the current 1,000 stores are far from enough." Wu Qinghui said bluntly.

Wu Qinghui believes that the number of hair loss people in the future is far more than 200 million, and the market size is large enough, and companies with a market value of 100 billion will definitely be born in this industry.

  Pay attention to the authenticity of the product

  With the increase in the number of people with hair loss, the "hair loss economy" is becoming more and more popular.

The false propaganda behind this and the blind consumption of consumers are very common.

  In February 2022, the Shanghai Pudong New Area Market Supervision and Administration Bureau disclosed an illegal advertisement case.

It is reported that a "Fengtian Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo (for men)" shampoo is promoted on the website to "increase hair density and reduce hair loss", "clean hair follicles to regulate oil secretion and promote hair growth", and "certificate of strength for hair growth research". However, it is unable to provide data on the efficacy of this shampoo for hair growth, cleaning hair follicles, regulating oil secretion and related clinical efficacy certification, and cannot provide a real and effective basis for promoting hair growth.

  Also in terms of hair transplants, the People's Daily reported that many hair transplant institutions have multiple punishment records, and cases of "hair transplant scams", "hair transplant failures" and "hair transplant quilts" can be seen on relevant platforms.

Looking at the problems involved, there are not only professional operation problems such as illegal practice of medicine and the use of illegal medical equipment, but also a considerable proportion of them are related to marketing.

  Liu Xiaoyong said that whether you are buying anti-hair loss products or hair care and hair care projects, you must pay attention to identifying the authenticity of the products, and choose to go to regular hospitals or professional institutions for medical treatment as much as possible, so as not to pay the "IQ tax", which will delay the most effective treatment. good time.

  Beijing Business Daily reporter Yao Qian