Reminder: The reporting period for Beijing's passenger car indicators in the second half of the year ends tomorrow

  The reporter learned from the Municipal Transportation Commission that the application period for passenger car indicators in the second half of 2022 will end on October 8. Units, families and individuals who need to apply for the allocation of indicators, as well as applicants who fill in the application for change or transfer registration of Beijing-brand passenger cars, Before 24:00 on October 8th, the filling and reporting of passenger car configuration indicators must be completed in the Beijing Municipal Passenger Car Indicator Control and Management Information System.

  The Small Passenger Vehicle Indicator Office reminds the public that special attention should be paid to the following four aspects:

  First, the declared information should be accurate.

From the past reporting experience, there are cases where the applicant fails to pass the review due to the increase or decrease of the number of family members, the replacement of family members, the change of marital status, the change of the identity type, the change of the certificate information, etc., and the applicant needs to pay special attention.

  Second, social security and personal tax should meet the requirements.

Families and individuals who hold a valid "Beijing Residence Permit" and are not registered in the city must meet the application conditions of "payment of social insurance premiums and personal income tax in this city for the past five years (inclusive)", of which: the past five years ( Including) continuous payment of social insurance premiums in this city refers to: the applicant shall continuously pay social insurance premiums to the city’s social security department for 60 months from the month before the application month. valid after payment).

Continuous payment of personal income tax in this city for the past five years (inclusive) refers to: the applicant shall pay personal income tax in Beijing for five consecutive years starting from the previous year of the application year, and the tax amount is greater than zero. If the year is broken, the date of tax receipt shall prevail (if the year is broken, the supplementary payment will be invalid).

  The third is to click the "Submit Application" button.

When applying for the allocation of indicators in a family unit, after all family members have confirmed their wishes, the main applicant also needs to click the "Submit Application" button to complete the application submission operation.

After completing the submitted family application, the application status will change to "Submitted for Review".

The main family applicant can click [My Family Application] in the [User Center] of the Beijing Passenger Vehicle Indicator Control Management Information System to check whether the application has been completed.

  Fourth, review and review.

After the deadline of the application period on October 8, all application information cannot be modified.

From October 9th, relevant departments will review the application information.

During the review period, the applicant must ensure that the ID card or residence permit, work residence permit, passport, driver's license and other documents are in a valid state in order to pass the review.

The audit results will be announced on November 8 in the Beijing Municipal Passenger Vehicle Indicator Control and Management Information System, and citizens can log in and view them.

If you have any objection to the audit results, you can apply to the audit department for review before November 23.

  Beijing Daily Client | Reporter Sun Hongyang