China News Service, Beijing, October 7th,

title: China's speed, challenging the limit to drive the development of the "fast train"

  Author Zuo Yukun Zuo Yuqing

  Time is the measure of all things, and speed is the thread that depicts time.

  After another decade of rapid changes, the speed of China in the new era is constantly being refreshed: the high-speed maglev train "flying on the ground" at a speed of 600 kilometers per hour, the "infrastructure maniac" demolished the 589-meter-long overpass overnight, and the coal mining heavy equipment "coal sea dragon" "The world record was unearthed, the flow of water in the rescue artifact has repeatedly hit extreme speeds, and the computing power network has accelerated the construction of a digital economic life base...

  "Only for the day" is the comment of Chinese builders on speed. From following and running to leading, China's speed has set off a whirlwind of "Chinese efficiency" in the world.

Speed ​​up!

Supporting "Mobile China"

  What is the fastest speed possible for Chinese trains?

The answer is: 600 kilometers per hour.

  On September 21, 2017, the "Fuxing" officially operated at a speed of 350 kilometers per hour, making China the country with the highest commercial operation speed of high-speed rail in the world.

In April 2022, the new Fuxing high-speed comprehensive inspection train was put into operation. For the first time in the world, it successfully achieved a single-train open-line intersection with a speed of 435 kilometers per hour and a relative speed of 870 kilometers per hour, and a single-train tunnel with a speed of 403 kilometers per hour and a relative speed of 806 kilometers per hour.

  Faster speed - On July 20, 2021, China's self-developed high-speed maglev transportation system with a design speed of 600 kilometers per hour was successfully rolled off the production line.

Suspended on the track at such a high speed, it brings a feeling of "flying", so it is called "flying on the ground".

  When the speed reaches 600 kilometers per hour, it is not only the threshold of the speed class that is crossed, but also the control strategies such as operating power, acceleration ability, braking ability, anti-noise ability, and response to aerodynamic pressure all require innovative design.

  With CRRC as the main body, it will gather top domestic resources in the field of high-speed trains and maglev, and cooperate with universities, institutes and enterprises to tackle key problems, and develop the large matching between traction systems, signal systems, and control systems, as well as the linkage between trains, ground and rails. Design, rip off the cocoon, bit by bit gnaw the "hard bones" of the high-speed maglev.

  The sound of the whistle broke the sky, and the dream of "riding the wind to ride the wind" became the reality of "traveling thousands of miles a day". China's travel speed supported a "mobile China", and it started a new journey with vigor.

Improve efficiency!

Conquering the "impossible" project

  How long does it take for a 589-meter-long four-lane overpass to be demolished?

The answer of China Railway Fourth Bureau is: 8 hours.

  More than 200 excavators are scientifically configured to work at the same time, lining up on both sides of the bridge and extending their long arms, like ants, trying to eat reinforced concrete.

The demolition started around 21:00 in the evening and was completed at 5:00 the next morning.

From June 30 to July 1, 2017, the Longwangmiao overpass, which had been in service for 25 years and was 589 meters long, was dismantled in its entirety in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, and "disappeared overnight." network.

  There are many such infrastructure "super projects" and "super speeds" all over China.

  82 minutes!

In the early morning of August 21, 2020, in Longping, Beibei District, Chongqing, five large-span concrete beam bridges with a total length of 383.5 meters and a total weight of 21,500 tons completed an 88-degree turn on the premise of ensuring the normal operation of the three busy railways. "Hand in hand perfectly", the "air ballet" of the "directors" such as China Construction Tunnel, which turns five bridges together, has broken a number of world records.

  38 days!

On September 6, 2019, the translation project of the main station building of Xiamen Houxi Long-distance Bus Station successfully challenged the Guinness World Record for "the longest building translation arc".

China Construction Group made the 30,000-ton passenger station "walk up" and translate 288 meters, and also made a 90-degree turn to achieve the "best move".


  Guided by continuously innovative technology, driven by continuously enhanced technology, supported by continuously improved industries, and guaranteed by continuous efficiency-improving approvals.

Nowadays, many seemingly huge infrastructure projects can also be known to the dung crickets.


A job that secures energy

  What is the current world record for coal mining speed?

The answer given by China National Coal Science and Industry Corporation is that the monthly excavation of large-section single lane is 3088 meters.

  Energy is the foundation and driving force for the progress of human civilization, and it is related to the national economy, people's livelihood and national security.

Faced with the national conditions of rich coal, poor oil and little gas, as the "ballast stone" of China's energy security, how can coal play a better role in "light and heat"?

  As the first basic project of coal mining, roadway excavation accounts for about 70%-80% of the underground mining engineering volume of coal mines.

China digs 13,000 kilometers of new roadways every year, ranking first in the world.

Faced with such a huge amount of engineering, China National Coal Science and Industry Corporation has successfully developed the world's first integrated rapid excavation system for excavation, support and transportation.

  The integrated rapid excavation system of excavation, support and transportation has innovated the single excavation mode represented by the construction of a single excavation machine, completely solved the world-class problem that the excavation, support and transportation of coal roadways cannot be operated in parallel, and liberated the hands of coal workers. Greatly improved safety and work efficiency.

Only a few operators need to operate in a safe position and press a few buttons, and the machine can drive, the workload is 3-4 times the original, and the operators are also reduced by 2/3.

  In August 2014, under the condition of stable surrounding rock, the first-generation excavation, distribution and transportation integrated rapid excavation system excavated 3,088 meters per month in Daliuta Coal Mine of Shendong Coal Group, setting a world record for large-section single-lane excavation, which is the average excavation of coal mines. more than 10 times the speed.

  The pace of scientific research never stops.

In 2018, the second-generation excavation, support and transportation integrated rapid excavation system was successfully developed, and the scope of application was extended to medium and stable surrounding rocks and more complex geological conditions; in 2020, the third-generation intelligent excavation, support and transportation integrated rapid excavation system came into being And in March 2022, under the complex surrounding rock geological conditions, it set a monthly advance record of 856 meters; in May 2022, under the moderately stable surrounding rock geological conditions, it set a new record of 2086 meters per month.

  The integrated rapid excavation system of excavation, support and transportation has opened a new model of coal roadway excavation, and realized the transformation of China's roadway excavation technology and equipment from "following" to "cooperating" and then to the current "leading".

The advanced coal mining technology has effectively guaranteed the stable supply of coal resources in China, and firmly holds the job of energy in our own hands.


Retrograde rescue builds the "boat of life"

  In the event of a sudden disaster, the bridge is damaged or the road is washed away. How long will it take to rush through and rush to build if you want to transport equipment or personnel?

China Aneng's answer is: the use of emergency mechanized bridges can be completed in more than 10 minutes.

  Race against time to save people and go all out to rescue people.

The Chinese rescue team has never bowed its head to the power of nature, and has continued to increase the research and development of key technologies and key equipment. After ten years of updating, China's rescue equipment has been greatly different.

  In 2016, the power boat bridge, known as the "rescue aircraft carrier", was put into use for the first time. It can resist the impact of water with a large flow rate and can carry up to 500 people and heavy equipment and vehicles of about 7 buses, each with a distance of 10.8 kilometers. /Hour speed, to achieve fast water maneuver, effectively solve the problem of wading rescue.

  From manually filling sandbags to automatic sand and gravel bagging machines; from risking life to drive equipment to open up life channels, to unmanned remote control intelligent excavators; from heavy construction machinery to multi-functional and lightweight emergency rescue equipment... …The wide application of technological rescue tools has made the rescue team even more powerful.

  In July 2021, the central and northern parts of Xinxiang City, Henan Province suffered heavy rainstorms and heavy rainstorms. A "boat of life" was erected in the wind and rain, and equipment such as power boats and bridges went into battle. After nearly 4 hours of continuous rescue, more than 1,400 people were trapped. All successfully transferred; in August 2022, hard power and new technology will be assembled to fight fiercely for 6 days to win the thrilling battle to block the breach of the Raoyang River in Liaoning... "People first", every speedy rescue will go all out, it is a promise It's more true.


Build a solid foundation for the digital economy

  How fast is China's computing power now?

The answer is: 15,000 floating-point operations per second.

  From "If you want to get rich, build roads first" to "If you want to develop, invest in computing power".

After the thermal power era, computing power has become a new engine driving the digital transformation of the economy and society in the new era.

  From 2012 to 2021, the scale of China's digital economy will increase from 11 trillion yuan to over 45 trillion yuan, and the proportion of digital economy in GDP will increase from 21.6% to 39.8%.

As the foundation of the digital economy, the scale of China's computing power industry has grown rapidly in the past five years, with an average growth rate of over 30%.

As of the end of June 2022, China's total computing power exceeds 150EFlops (15,000 floating-point operations per second), ranking second in the world.

  The demand for computing power is still increasing rapidly. How to let users use computing power services like electricity?

In February 2022, China's "East and West Calculation" project was officially launched, becoming a "digital artery" connecting the economic and social development of the east and the west.

As the builders of computing power infrastructure and backbone transmission networks, telecom operators have become the main force in building computing power networks.

  Today, the "Computer Network Brain" intelligently dispatches computing power, and China Telecom has formed a "high-speed road network" for computing power transmission through the deep integration of "computing + connection".

"The car passes through the toll booth at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour without feeling." "300 simulated collision tests of automobiles in 1 minute"... China's computing power extends from the invisible to the visible distance at an unimaginable speed. The real economy and people's lives are driven by the "cloud".

  Looking back ten years, innovation drives development, and small steps accumulate thousands of miles.

China's speed, the creation of central enterprises.

With more and more advanced scientific and technological equipment, with greatly improved efficiency, with a long-standing spirit of solidarity, and with a courageous attitude, Chinese builders have overcome all obstacles and rushed to the sea of ​​stars in their minds at the speed of China.