China News Service, October 6th (Zhongxin Finance and Economics Xie Yiguan Zuo Yuqing) The National Day holiday is a day for many people to relax at home and travel with them, but some people give up rest and choose to work overtime.

  They may ask about the condition over and over in the consultation room, or prepare for the winter heating work, or run around the streets to show people...

Doctor from a tertiary hospital:

the patient's condition can't wait, and the hospital has to be on duty

  On October 1, the first day of the National Day holiday, the dermatology department of a tertiary hospital in Beijing received patients as usual. Doctor Xing was one of the doctors on duty that day.

The picture shows the treatment area of ​​a tertiary hospital in Beijing.

Photo by Ge Cheng of China-Singapore Finance

  For Doctor Xing, this "11th" was no different from usual.

Put on a white coat, sit in the consulting room, wait for the patients who come to see a doctor, and then treat them carefully.

  In previous years, Dr. Xing would also rest during the holidays, but "this year, considering the needs of patients, doctors in various departments see doctors every day." She said.

  Although it is very hard to be on duty during the holidays, the patient's condition cannot be waited for. As long as it is for the patient, Dr. Xing said, "it's worth it."

  It is a doctor's duty to treat and save people. When entering this line of work, it means that you may not be able to get together with family and friends during holidays.

But there are still many doctors, like Doctor Xing, who stick to their posts during the holidays.

Power Plant Workers: Wake Up Early to Prepare for Winter Heating Jobs

  It was the National Day holiday, at four o'clock in the morning, Xiao Jiang got up early and went to the factory for maintenance.

As a worker at a power plant in the north, he needs to work overtime to prepare for the winter heating work.

  "We need to overhaul steam turbines and boilers, conduct pressure testing experiments on the large heat network, and do a good job in anti-corrosion of water towers, filling and dredging, etc." Xiao Jiang told Zhongxin Finance and Economics.

  Although heating is only a "part-time" job at the power plant, it is still not sloppy.

As the weather gets colder and colder, Xiao Jiang said, "Be prepared for maintenance to provide protection for heating in winter."

Data map.

Photo courtesy of Shanghai Mobile

New media editor: Takeaway is a companion, and I am used to being on duty during the holidays

  "The earth doesn't revolve around you", but the media needs to "revolve around everything that happens on earth".

  After the "post-90s" Jingjing (pseudonym) became a new media editor, she has become accustomed to being on duty during the holidays.

  Other people's National Day holiday is to sit in the restaurant and eat all kinds of food; Jingjing's National Day holiday is to frantically order takeaways and "collect" takeaway boxes.

  Although she was doing the same job as usual, when Jingjing was on duty, "sometimes she felt irritable for no reason." Her solution was to "go downstairs and do a nucleic acid test, which at least relieved her mood."

  As for the holiday duty subsidy, Jingjing said, "The salary will not increase much because of this, and it has already cost a lot for takeaways in the past two days."

Law Firm Lawyer:

Staying at home is boring, work makes


to feel fulfilled

  Many people think that lawyers have flexible hours and enviable income.

But Yang Yang said that in fact, it was others who took a break and I was working, and I had to worry about where I should worry about money.

  This National Day holiday, Yang Yang still needs to work overtime. "There is still some work to do at hand, and I am busy doing courseware these two days."

  "Because my family members are sick and need to take care of them, I didn't go out to play during the National Day, but chose to stay at home." Yang Yang added, "Staying is also boring, so it's better to push forward with the work at hand."

  At the stage of life where "there are old people and young people", for Yang Yang, it is more important to earn money than to play as much as possible. "Work makes people feel fulfilled."

Coffee stall owner: Business is good during the holidays, but I

don't have time to play around

  During the National Day, various markets in Beijing are very popular, such as coffee markets, medieval markets, and music parties, attracting many young people to come.

During the National Day, various markets in Beijing are very popular.

Photo by Zuo Yuqing of Zhongxin Finance and Economics

  "We came from Shanghai, and we have to go back in three days." On the 4th, at the Sanlitun Trendy Youth Coffee Festival in Beijing, there was such a special group of catering "overtime" workers.

  A coffee stall owner told Zhongxin Finance that he came from Shanghai on purpose to participate in the Beijing coffee market.

"Invited by a friend, come and learn."

  The market booth fee is 800 yuan per day, starting from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm, and he basically gets up at 8:00 in the morning to prepare, and there is no time to play around.

  Although he is still working hard during the holidays, the coffee stall owner is relieved that "business is not bad."

Real estate agency:

for performance, "

work overtime


to show people

  "The loan interest rate of the first set of personal housing provident fund is reduced by 0.15 percentage points" "Residents can enjoy a tax rebate before the end of next year when they buy a house" "The lower limit of the loan interest rate for the first set of housing is expected to exceed 4.1%"... The last two days before the National Day In the past few days, many departments have successively issued three major policies, releasing major benefits for the property market.

  Holidays are a good time for real estate agents to work overtime to improve their performance. With the blessing of policies this year, will there be a "Silver Ten" wave of house inspections?

  A real estate agent working in Beijing said that during the National Day, there were a lot of people viewing houses, and the transaction volume was also good. "Yesterday, 10 units were sold."

  "Compared with last year's National Day, there is no significant change." However, some real estate agents told Zhongxin Finance that there are not many customers looking at houses at present, "Now people are more rational to buy houses, and some people may go back to their hometown during the holiday, and they will not be able to buy houses during the National Day. Ready to see the house."

  Power plant workers, doctors, new media editors, lawyers, real estate agents, and coffee stall owners, they either "generate electricity for love", or because they are on duty, or for business and performance, for different reasons, they chose to choose during the National Day. "work overtime".

National Day holiday, what are you doing?