Of course, consumers won't be a dime short of it, and they will be honest with the merchants. To put it bluntly, they have to fight for a breath and fight for a reason.

  Recently, in Dalian, Liaoning, a man had dinner with a friend. When checking out, he found that he had spent a total of 930.9 yuan, and was actually charged 931 yuan by "reverse wipe zero".

  When you go to a restaurant to eat, you encounter a fraction of a few cents or a few yuan at the checkout. In order to "make a good relationship", the merchant will often erase the fraction.

It is rare to "reverse zero" as in the news, and to charge a little more from consumers.

What's even more outrageous is that after consumers questioned, the restaurant cashier not only did not realize the mistake, but instead replied: "If you are short of this dime, I will transfer it to you, okay?"

  Is it really just a dime thing?

Obviously not.

"Reverse wipe zero" is not only too small, but also suspected of breaking the law.

  The Price Law clearly stipulates that “operators shall not sell commodities at an additional price in addition to the marked price, and shall not charge any unmarked fees”.

  The merchant charges as much as the customer spends, and even an extra cent or penny is an act of "charging unmarked fees".

Therefore, more money and less money in the "reverse wipe zero" cannot change the nature of its suspected violation of laws and regulations.

  Even if, as the merchant said, it is not really to make an extra cent, but to "round up" - if it is 931.4 yuan, it will be rounded up by 4 cents, which is equally unfair to consumers who are overcharged.

As many netizens have said, I can give more, but you can't charge more, otherwise, what's the difference with Ming Rob?

  In fact, it's not uncommon to see "reverse zeroes". Not long ago, a woman in Shenzhen was "reverse zeroes" while dining, and 202.6 yuan became 203 yuan.

Merchants are so "reverse wipe zero", on the one hand, maybe because a few cents can add up;

  This time, merchants finally encountered more serious consumers.

Of course, he wouldn't really miss a dime when he went to a restaurant to eat, and he would be honest with the merchants. To put it bluntly, he had to fight for a breath and fight for a reason.

To curb the bad behavior of businesses, we must dare to raise doubts like this, complain and report when necessary, and even decisively take up legal weapons to defend our rights.

  Of course, to make businesses more disciplined, the escort of market supervision is also inseparable.

Since the "reverse wipe zero" is suspected of breaking the law, the supervision and law enforcement forces should strictly enforce the law, and the punishment should be punished, so that the businesses who violate the laws and regulations should pay the due price.

  At present, the merchants have apologized, and they were collectively complained about charging an extra dime, which is undoubtedly a warning.

Especially at the moment, electronic payment is very convenient, and there is no problem of finding change. Merchants are greedy for petty and cheap, and "reversely wipe zero", which also wipes out the respect for consumers. This short-sighted behavior will only In exchange for a loss of reputation.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News Special Commentator Xiong Zhi