Sales of home appliances that do not reduce prices at retailers will begin in earnest.

Panasonic will aim to introduce it in products that account for 20% of domestic sales, and it is likely to affect the strategies of other manufacturers.

In the sale of home appliances, retailers generally decide the retail price freely, and as a result, there is competition by discount sales among home appliance mass retailers.

In response to this, Panasonic decided to introduce a full-fledged transaction method in which the manufacturer specifies the price to the retailer.

The unsold inventory is taken over by the manufacturer, which means that it does not fall under the "restraint on selling price" of the Antimonopoly Act.

Since last year, we have introduced this method in stages for some products such as dryers and washing machines, and 8% of domestic sales are using this method, but we aim to increase this to 20% by the end of this fiscal year.

Until now, in response to discount sales, manufacturers have tried to prevent price collapse by introducing new products with added functions in a short cycle. We believe that we can develop products that meet your needs.

On the other hand, for consumers, since the prices are the same at any store, it will lead to changes in the way they buy home appliances, such as focusing on services other than price, which will affect the strategies of retailers and other manufacturers. It seems to give

how shoppers react

Various voices were heard from shoppers who visited home appliance mass retailers about the fact that some Panasonic home appliances will no longer be discounted.

A woman in her 30s said, "Sometimes I go around several stores looking for a cheap one. It's a problem because it would be more helpful if I could get a discount."

A man in his 60s said, "New products are coming out one after another, and the prices are falling. I want you to develop products that are not only functional, but also close to consumers. Stable prices and reliable products. I think it would be cleaner to just do it alone," he said.

A woman in her 60s said, "If it's really good and the price is the same everywhere, I think I'll choose a store with good after-sales service."