Beijing News (Reporter Liu Huan) Recently, the "double standard" storm of Haitian Flavor's food additives has continued to ferment on the Internet platform.

On October 5, Haitian Flavor issued a statement again, saying that food additives are widely used in food manufacturing in various countries, and all enterprises use food additives legally and compliantly in accordance with national standards and product characteristics. The internal control standards of domestic and foreign products sold by Haitian are consistent. , not "double standard".

  It is understood that some recent short videos pointed out that the soy sauce of Haitian Flavor Industry is "Hextech Food".

On September 30, Haitian Flavor Industry issued a statement saying that the food additives contained in the company's products meet national standards and regulatory requirements.

However, the statement did not quell the controversy, and caused another online controversy. Another netizen broke the news that the Haitian soy sauce sold in China contained food additives, while the Haitian soy sauce sold abroad had zero additives, only water, soybeans, wheat, salt, etc. The production of its products is "Double standard".

  At about 0:00 on October 5, Haitian Flavor’s official WeChat issued a statement again saying that food additives are widely used in food manufacturing around the world, and regular food companies around the world will use food additives legally and compliantly according to regulations, standards and product characteristics. , and clearly marked as required.

Food additives have become an indispensable part of the modern food industry, and it cannot be concluded that Chinese food is worse than foreign food from food additives.

"It is a misunderstanding to simply think that foreign products have few food additives, or that products with additives are not good."

On October 5, Haitian Flavor issued another statement denying the "double standard" of soy sauce at home and abroad.

Screenshot of Haitian Flavor's official WeChat

  Regarding the "double standard" of the alleged products, Haitian Flavor explained in the statement that the food regulations and standards of each country and region are not the same, and the corresponding product labels are also different.

One product for one country (region), one standard for both domestic and foreign food industries and even many other non-food industries.

With the diversification of consumer demand, both domestic customers and foreign dealers will often ask for customized products. Customized products will inevitably bring more and more product identifications, some of which are of different quality and some of which have different names.

Most of the internal control standards of Haitian products are higher or even much higher than the national standards. For products of the same quality, the internal control standards at home and abroad are the same.

"Using 'double standards' to provoke contradictions between consumers and Chinese brand enterprises will not only damage the consumer confidence of the Chinese people, but also affect the world reputation of 'Made in China'."