China News Service, Jilin Town, October 5th (Reporter Guo Jiashi Hongyu) In the past, there were no people interested in the dotted bubble ponds in the west of Jilin, but now the emerging crab farming has made them very popular, and there is a situation of "one pond is hard to find" for a while.

  The Nenjiang River originating from the branch of the Daxing’an Mountains joins the Songhua River all the way to the east through Zhenlai County, Jilin Province. With the undulating terrain, many river bays are formed. Ge Jun, an Hui merchant, picked one place to start crab farming, and in the past three years, hundreds of local farmers have been driven to rely on the river. Crabs get rich.

  Autumn deep chrysanthemum yellow crab is fat.

During the National Day, Ge Jun and the local crab farmers shipped thousands of catties every day, and they were very busy.

He estimates that the company's crab output will be about 500,000 catties this year.

"Continued high temperature in the south this year has reduced the production of crabs, and the price of crabs is higher than in previous years, and the supply is in short supply." Ge Jun said.

  Three years ago, Ge Jun came to Zhenlai County for an inspection due to investment promotion activities. The large amount of idle water in the area gave him the idea of ​​raising crabs.

"The crab industry in my hometown is relatively developed, but the farming area of ​​each family is very small, and it can't be compared with here."

In the golden autumn season, the crab fishing scene in Zhenlai County.

Photo by Pan Shengyu

  After some careful investigation, Ge Jun contracted a 20,000 mu water area on the edge of the Nen River, invested 100,000 crab seedlings, hired technicians from the north with high salary, and put aside other business, from crab seedling cultivation to business promotion. .

  In the first year, the news of Ge Jun's success in crab breeding spread like wildfire in the local area. The villagers were enthusiastic about raising crabs, and the bubble ponds, which had no interest in the past, became very popular.

"It is almost impossible to find unowned ponds now, and the contracting price has risen sharply." Ge Jun said.

  Crab farmer Wang Kai had a bumper harvest this year in a 40-mu pond.

He took the wine to thank his teacher Ge Jun.

He admitted to reporters that he was not good at raising crabs in the past, and his business methods were relatively extensive, and he always made a year and lost a year.

  With the improvement of residents' living and consumption levels, crabs have gradually become "regular customers" on the dining table, and their launch time is highly coincident with traditional Chinese festivals such as the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day. Taking the holiday economy express train, crab consumption is particularly hot.

  With the sharp increase of crab farmers, Zhenlai County established Jiheimeng Aquatic Products Trading Market, which is operated and managed by Ge Jun.

By bringing together crab resources in Jilin, Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia, farmers have more market say.

Reeds grew in saline-alkali land, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences used crabs to improve soil in Zhenlai County with initial results.

(Data map) Photo by Guo Jia

  Sun Hongyu, deputy magistrate of Zhenlai County, said in an interview that in recent years, under the guidance of the "two mountains" theory, the local clear waters and lush mountains have gradually turned into mountains of gold and silver, and the crab industry, as a typical representative, has become an important factor in promoting rural revitalization. industry.

  The reporter visited Zhenlai County and saw that a country road was being built to lead to the Gejun Crab Industry Base, and there were countless ponds on both sides of the road, and vehicles transporting crabs frequently came and went.

  "Next year, my breeding area will be expanded by 100,000 mu." Ge Jun admitted that he didn't know the vast land and resources of the Northeast before, but when he came here, he realized that the vast world has great potential.