The Paper reporter Wu Yuli

  The new car-making forces may have "golden nine and silver ten" this year.

  On October 1, the mainstream brands of the new car-making forces all announced the sales data for September.

The second-tier brand Nezha, a new force, once again became the monthly sales champion with 18,000 units delivered. The ideal car, whose sales were halved last month, ranked second with 11,500 units surpassing Leap Motor. Ten thousand won the third place.

  In the entire third quarter, Nezha won the first place with 48,000 units, and Leapmotor, which was ahead of the second place, surpassed 10,000 units. Leapmotor sold 35,600 units, and NIO ranked first with 31,600 units. third.

Xpeng Motors, which had won the quarterly sales championship several times, fell to fourth place with sales of 29,600 units.

  Specifically, Nezha continued to lead the new car-making power delivery list. In September, Nezha delivered 18,000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 134% and a month-on-month increase of 12.41%; from January to September this year, a total of 111,200 vehicles were delivered, an increase of 168% year-on-year. %.

  Li Auto, whose delivery data was halved last month, returned to normal this month. In September, Li Auto delivered a total of 11,500 new cars, a year-on-year increase of 62.5% and a month-on-month increase of 152.26%.

Among them, the flagship six-seat SUV Ideal L9 delivered 10,100 units in the first full month.

  NIO delivered a total of 10,900 new cars in September, an increase of 1.88% month-on-month; in the third quarter, it delivered 31,600 new cars, a year-on-year increase of 29.3%, a record quarterly high.

  Wenjie delivered 10,100 vehicles in September, almost the same as August. As a new brand, Wenjie has achieved more than 10,000 monthly deliveries for two consecutive months with the support of Huawei.

  Xiaopeng, the former "General of Changsheng", failed to deliver more than 10,000 vehicles in September, and delivered a total of 8,468 vehicles.

Among them, Xiaopeng P7 delivered 4,634 vehicles, Xiaopeng P5 delivered 2,417 vehicles, and Xiaopeng G3i delivered 1,233 vehicles.

In the third quarter, Xiaopeng Motors delivered a total of 29,600 vehicles, which unfortunately failed to achieve a monthly average of over 10,000.

It is worth noting that Xpeng had a rare "three consecutive declines" in the third quarter.

  Geely's Jikr Automobile delivered 8,278 vehicles in September, an increase of 15.5% month-on-month, and the goal of monthly sales of over 10,000 is also within reach.

  Among the above-mentioned seven new car-making forces, except for the special case where Ideal Auto is built on a low base with the largest increase, Jikr Auto has the fastest month-on-month growth rate and has maintained a steady upward trend in recent months.

The second is the Nezha car with the highest sales volume, which still maintained a month-on-month increase of 12.41% in September.

  The Leapmotor car, which had been going hand-in-hand with Nezha before, saw a drop of 11.86%.

Along with sales, the stock price also fell. Leapmotor (09863.HK), which has just been listed on the Hong Kong stock market for two days, has dropped from the issue price of HK$48 to HK$24.8.

  Previously, the Federation of Passenger Transport Associations had predicted that this year's auto market is expected to usher in "golden nine and silver ten".

At present, from the perspective of new car-making forces, in September, 5 of the 7 new car-making forces, including Nezha, Ideal, Leapao, Weilai, Wenjie, Xiaopeng, and Jikr, achieved a month-on-month performance. increase.

The total sales of these seven companies in September was 78,000 vehicles, while the total sales in July and August were both 70,000 vehicles. In September, the total sales increased by about 8,000 vehicles, an increase of over 11%.

  In addition, the release of new cars often has a great role in promoting the car market.

Recently, many new car-making forces have released or are about to release new models, such as NIO ET5, Ideal L7, L8, Xiaopeng G9, etc. It is believed that it will also promote the arrival of "Silver Ten".