As the price of familiar products such as food continues to rise and the need to save money is increasing, major distributors are strengthening sales of their own brands, which are relatively cheap.

Of these, Aeon plans to introduce about 1,200 new private brand items developed in-house from this fall.

In order to meet the needs of people who want to buy products with a focus on taste and health at a reasonable price, we also offer features other than price, such as chilled side dishes supervised by chefs from famous restaurants and potato chips that use less food additives. Focus on products.

According to the company, due to the growing need to save money against the backdrop of high prices, private brand sales for the year up to February this year are on the rise to 830 billion yen.

Koji Wada, director of Aeon Topvalu, said, "We will continue to consider what kind of value we can provide while maintaining the price."

Seven & i Holdings will also introduce new brands that offer foods at lower prices while maintaining quality in addition to its existing own brands.

We have reviewed the manufacturing process to reduce the loss by reducing the colors used in the package and chopping the ingredients into small pieces to reduce the loss. rice field.

Amid high prices, there is a growing movement among major distributors to develop products at lower prices by taking advantage of their large scale.