As the number of foreign tourists is expected to recover due to the government's relaxation of border measures, new hotels with expanded services for foreigners are being opened and planned one after another.

On the 11th of this month, the government is expected to significantly relax border measures, such as exempting visas for short-term stays and lifting the ban on individual travel for foreigners, and inbound demand is expected to recover.

Under these circumstances, the hotel that opened in Nihonbashi, Tokyo on the 29th of last month is targeting foreign tourists who stay for a long time.

The 60-square-meter guest room is equipped with a kitchen, washing machine, and two bedrooms, and has staff who can speak multiple languages, including English and Spanish.

The hotel management company plans to open four similar hotels in Tokyo and Osaka by the end of the year.

Hideki Fujioka, president of Cosmos Hotel Management, commented, "Since the announcement of the easing of border measures, we have received four to five times more reservations than before, which is really surprising. We expect that the number of guests from overseas will increase further in the future." was talking

On the other hand, JR East will be opening hotels in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture next year and in Tokyo.

There is a growing movement in the hotel industry to capture inbound demand, which is expected to increase, with plans to support foreign tourists who cannot speak Japanese in multiple languages ​​through chat and video calls.