On September 30, a romantic wedding ceremony that attracted much attention in the sports circle was held in Shenyang. Xu Mengtao and Wang Xindi, the immortal couples of Chinese ice and snow sports, walked into the marriage hall hand in hand.

Shuijingfang Jingtai became the designated wedding wine for Xu Mengtao and Wang Xindi's wedding.

Photo: Shuijingfang·Jingtai

  Shuijingfang has always been the choice for high-quality and cost-effective banquet wines. This year, it will further build a new Jubilee IP around the wedding banquet scene, convey more "heart", and match the newly upgraded new generation of well platform to better meet the banquet consumer group. demand.

  This time, Xu Mengtao and Wang Xindi's choice for the championship wedding are also in line with Shuijingfang's long-term commitment to promoting the spirit of champions and helping the country to become a sports power.

Especially on this National Day, as the world's top partner of the WTT World Table Tennis Federation, Shuijingfang will welcome the global table tennis elites participating in the 56th World Table Tennis Championships at the "home door", and will also join the majority of sports enthusiasts to contribute to the national ball. Raise a glass, let the national ball ignite the enthusiasm of the people, and add more joy and beauty to the National Day celebrated by the whole people.

  With the multiple blessings of the liquor season, national football events and the New Year's Jubilee, Shuijingfang's National Day, festive and happy, is highly anticipated.

Shuijingfang is full of "intentions" and "new ideas"

  At the wine sealing ceremony, Shuijingfang specially presented a festive and innovative dragon and phoenix gift box. The gift box is equipped with a concentric lock exclusively customized by Shuijingfang, which symbolizes the bond of heart and soul.

Through this gift, the best wishes of "auspicious dragon and phoenix, auspicious pairing" will be conveyed, and the love and family of the two newlyweds will be protected for a long time.

Photo: Shuijingfang festive new dragon and phoenix gift box

  "Shuijingfang wine can become the designated wedding wine of the world champion, which is a reflection of the comprehensive strength of quality and brand." An industry observer believes that this "champion wedding" will continue to focus on the banquet market and promote Shuijingfang wine to become a newcomer. Wedding reception choices have a very positive demonstration effect.

New Year Celebration + Arai Tai, two core empowerment wedding banquet scenes

  Qin Ke, a liquor observer, said, "When spending power and willingness to consume are transformed into product demand, a product that combines quality, appearance and value is what consumers really need."

Photo: Shuijingfang·Jingtai

  According to relevant media reports, although the concept of marriage and childbirth in China is undergoing profound changes, driven by the improvement of residents' living standards and the pursuit of high-quality personalized life, China's wedding market has maintained rapid growth all year round, and wedding banquets have become Chinese wines. most important market segment.

  Under this background, the reason why Shuijingfang can become the "Champion Wedding Ceremony" is that, firstly, it has seized the changes in consumer communication methods brought about by the rise of the current traditional culture and cultural self-confidence. Brand spokesperson Zhang Guoli strengthened the banquet promotion. While inheriting the traditional Chinese cultural value, he conveyed his wishes for a happy life to the newcomers and the society, and his emotional propositions perfectly matched; The beauty of the product makes it strong enough to witness and bless people's happiness.

Photo: Shuijingfang·Jingtai

  This is particularly prominent on the well platform of Shuijingfang.

The new-generation well platform of Shuijingfang, which was just upgraded and listed this year, has a "surprising appearance and amazing wine body". Based on "one-of-a-kind fragrance", it brews "older, softer and more mellow" through three enhanced processes. , thicker, cleaner, and cooler" "six-gen" quality has won Wang Xinguo, president of China Liquor Circulation Association, Guo Jianxin, vice president and executive secretary general of Sichuan China Liquor Golden Triangle Liquor Association, vice president Chen Jifu and Well-known liquor experts Zeng Zuxun, Li Dahe, Zhong Jie, etc. all praised it unanimously. They all said that the new generation of Jingtai showed its high-quality flavor level as a high-end liquor. "As a consumer, I am also very willing to buy it."

  It is precisely by virtue of the strong improvement and manifestation of "quality, appearance and value" after the upgrade that the Jingtai series is currently an important product of Shuijingfang in the banquet market.

Shuijingfang dealers also reported that the Shuijingfang Dragon and Phoenix Collection series has been well received as a representative innovative product of Shuijingfang in the wedding banquet market. it is good.

Helping a better life, Shuijingfang is worth looking forward to this National Day

  National Day is celebrated across the country and is one of the peak feast periods of the year.

The championship wedding ceremony of Xu Mengtao and Wang Xindi can be said to be a good start for Shuijingfang's National Day banquet strategy. Shuijingfang dealers also generally believe that the performance of Shuijingfang's banquet market is worth looking forward to.

Photo: Shuijingfang·Jingtai

  It is understood that Shuijingfang is currently showing positive growth in major banquet provinces across the country, and the speed of terminal sales has been further improved.

Distributors from Hunan, Jiangsu and Henan all reported that while the number of banquets is increasing, the active selection rate of consumers is also increasing. As distributors, it is easier for them to impress consumers when they promote banquets.

  Cai Xuefei, a commentator in the liquor industry, believes that as a liquor company that clearly puts forward "to create a better life for the people" in its brand mission, Shuijingfang has been focusing on this mission in the past year, paying tribute to a better life with fine wine.

"In addition to responding to people's needs for happiness and beauty through banquet scenes such as the New Year's Jubilee, this year, Shuijingfang has focused on the operation of international IP as a 'WTT global top partner'. , to meet people's growing pursuit of a better life."

  Cai Xuefei predicts that the 56th World Table Tennis Team Championships (finals) will be held in Chengdu from September 30 to October 9, superimposed on the National Day banquet peak, Shuijingfang is expected to achieve a marketing effect of 1+1 greater than 2.

"National football and New Year's jubilee, sports and banquets are all commemorative symbols that Shuijingfang integrates into people's beautiful life scenes, which provides an opportunity for Shuijingfang to achieve high-value space at more consumption levels."

  Shuijingfang dealers also said that Shuijingfang uses innovative thinking to meet the new needs of consumers, and the concept of "helping a better life" is gradually gaining popularity. It is believed that with the help of the people's love for national football and the demonstration effect of "champion wedding", its brand level The combination of drainage and supporting promotion policies will form a strong increase in the National Day market dynamic sales, and they are full of confidence in this.