China News Service, October 1st. On the evening of September 30, @海天flavor issued a statement in response to the controversy over soy sauce additives.

Haitian said that all Haitian products are produced in strict accordance with the Food Safety Law, and are subject to regular supervision and inspections by the state and food safety authorities at all levels at any time.

In addition, the use and labeling of food additives in all products comply with the requirements of relevant standards and regulations in my country.

  Haitian Flavor Industry said that it has recently noticed that on various social platforms, the topics of "Hex Technology" and "Technology and Vitality" are very popular, which has triggered discussions among netizens on the use of food additives and food safety in China.

Some short video accounts took the opportunity to use this topic to create anxiety and panic by taking advantage of the public's concern about food safety, creating and spreading rumors on the Internet, demonizing food additives, and blackening China's food safety; in order to gain traffic, even obvious rumors were made. Labels such as "soy sauce causes cancer", "eating soy sauce loses hair", and "harming the conscience of the Chinese people" are directly attached to Haitian products, which has seriously damaged Haitian's brand image.

  The statement also stated that for the short video account that maliciously spread rumors and slandered the Haitian brand in the incident, Haitian Flavor has appointed a team of professional lawyers to investigate and collect evidence, and the legal responsibility of the malicious rumor makers and disseminators will be traced to the end.

(Zhongxin Finance)