Is the first store economy a "password" for traffic?

  "Golden Nine Silver Ten" has always been the peak of commercial complexes opening. On the eve of National Day, Nanjing Vientiane World opened in the Confucius Temple business district in Qinhuai District. The National Day holiday will bring Nanjing citizens a new consumption experience.

As the first Vientiane World in Jiangsu, the most eye-catching thing about Nanjing Vientiane World is that it has introduced many "first store" brands, superimposed various opening discounts, and upgraded the happiness of shopping.

Will this place become a new landmark of fashionable life in Nanjing?

Is the first store economy a traffic "password"?

A reporter from the Yangtze Evening News/Ziniu News made a visit.

  Trainee reporter Wang Can Yangzi Evening News/Ziniu News reporter Xu Jing

  reporter visit

  The new complex "first store" gathers together to attract young people

  "Beautiful!" On October 1, when the reporter entered the Nanjing Vientiane World Shopping Center, he heard a citizen amazed.

Walking through the promenade of the shopping mall, several large colorful butterflies leaped above the sky, complementing the surrounding antique Chinese-style buildings, attracting several citizens to stop and take pictures.

  The reporter noticed that the commercial part of the commercial complex adopts a very modern design, but the inner courtyard retains the texture of the historical streets and alleys such as the Black Hairpin Lane and the Bow and Arrow Square. Classic collision.

It is reported that 20% of Vientiane World are brand-new concept stores, and 40% are first-time visitors to Nanjing, ranging from word-of-mouth brands to traffic brands.

  At the opening ceremony of the first store in Fujian and South China on the second floor, the lively scene of dragon and lion dance attracted many citizens from aunts and uncles to applaud.

Not far away, Kunyin Yayan is the first store in the country. It is a theme restaurant inspired by Kunqu Opera.

Citizen Aunt Liu told reporters that she likes the roof garden on the fourth floor the most.

  On the first floor are the light food restaurant Gaga, the Greek-style fine dining restaurant Grape Wood, the Chinese-style aesthetic restaurant Yuangu, the bakery dessert shop fascino, the craft brand No. 18 Tavern, and the tea Yanyuese, MANNER, Wang Ning, M on the first floor. stand, almost all young people are queuing to punch in.

These stores include the first store in Jiangsu, as well as the new Nanjing store of the Internet celebrity brand, which has attracted extremely high popularity.

In addition, the decoration style of many stores adopts industrial style, camping style, etc., which directly hits the aesthetic point of young people.

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  Commercial complexes explore traffic grabbers

  The city's commerce is constantly iterating and upgrading. Last year's National Day holiday, two new commercial complexes opened in Jianye District, Nanjing, which also won high popularity with the "first store economy".

  The staff of Longfor Nanjing Hexi Tianjie told reporters that this year, the turnover of Nanjing Longfor Tianjie has grown against the trend.

In September, 4 business projects launched the super store celebration season with the theme of "everything can be played". The total passenger flow exceeded 850,000, a month-on-month increase of over 40%, and the overall sales exceeded 54 million, a month-on-month increase of over 25%.

"The biggest problem facing all businesses now is how to find a new source of traffic." The staff of Longfor Nanjing Hexitian Street said that Nanjing Longfor Commerce takes culture as the breakthrough of the "password" of traffic, and gradually begins to cross the border of art and culture. world cooperation.

For example, on September 10, a Nanjing Museum themed exhibition with the theme of "Ning Hao Nanbo" was held in Hexitian Street, Nanjing, Longfor.

This year's National Day holiday, Longfor Nanjing Hexi Tianjie held a special exhibition themed "In Tianjie, Viewing the Millennium" of Tianjie Natural History.

  The reporter learned from Jianye Wuyue Plaza that commercial real estate operators are transforming into content innovation and space creation. They have insight into the needs of young people to pay attention to consumption scene experience and social development circles, and have successively created websites such as "Rose Falls" and "Starry Wheat Field". The red punching scene, the successful circle of young fans, quickly detonated the flow of topic traffic.

  Ding Hong, deputy director and second-level researcher of the Regional Modernization Research Institute of the Jiangsu Academy of Social Sciences, believed that consumption is an endogenous driving force for economic growth.

In Ding Hong's view, building a consumer-centric city ultimately requires the decisive role of the market.

The more first stores, the stronger the consumption power of the city, the larger the consumption radius, and the higher the influence and agglomeration of consumption.

For Nanjing, special support policies should be formulated to increase incentives to encourage more first stores in Nanjing, first stores in Jiangsu, first stores in East China, first stores in China and even first stores in the world. Provide support in terms of discounts and other aspects to build a leading consumer-oriented enterprise with international competitiveness.