In recent years, young people's travel has become more and more individual, and "aircraft + wine" and "going to a distant place" are no longer standard.

On September 29, Mafengwo released the "Travel Guide for Contemporary Young People", revealing some new ideas for young travelers to play.

A music festival, an art exhibition, a museum or even a seasonal food can all be a reason to go out; the high-speed rail, flexible and free self-driving, and self-challenging cycling can also be mixed with homestays, RVs, and tents. more surprise.

  Having a good weekend is more important than a long trip

  As "micro-vacation" has become mainstream, the meaning of weekends to young people has been continuously magnified.

Mafengwo survey data shows that more than 80% of young people believe that "at this stage, it is more important to arrange every weekend than the uncontrollable travel."

Young people hope to heal the pressure brought by work and life through weekends, become comfortable, harmonious, and have a "social sense", which has become a new rigid need for young people to travel.

  Data shows that more than 75% of young people look forward to experiencing a weekend activity with "social attributes". Frisbee, flag football, markets, and parties are all popular choices.

58% of young people hope to complete the weekend "recharge" by "returning to nature", paddle board yoga, outdoor kayaking, picnic camping, road cycling... A healthy and free lifestyle can help young people complete their spiritual recharge.

In addition, the experience of "substitution" is also the key point. Immersive scenes such as escape room, live-action script killing, and improvised comedy give players a real experience and sense of participation, which is favored by 43% of young people.

  In addition, men and women have their own priorities in the choice of weekend gameplay.

Due to the differences in the strength and emotional needs of men and women, men focus on deep outdoor and strength sports, while women pursue "light outdoor" and emotional experience.

  Culture, food, limited beauty, young people travel for "experience"

  When it comes to attracting young people to travel, culture does its part.

Culture and art can not only allow young people to go to a city, but also make weekend life full and meaningful.

Every spring, summer and autumn, young people follow the "blooming everywhere" music festival.

According to the big data of Mafengwo Travel and Play, among the groups who will travel with music festivals in 2022, the post-80s generation will account for 42.82%, and the post-90s and post-95s will account for 41.95%.

Compared with the previous situation of large and small music festivals getting together, this year's music festivals are dominated by big labels. On the Mafengwo platform, the top five music festivals that young people participate in this year are Changsha Strawberry Music Festival and Guiyang Strawberry Music Festival. , Anaya Shrimp Music Festival, Tianjin Happy Valley POGO Electronic Music Festival and West Taihu International Music Festival.

  Museums and art exhibitions are increasingly attractive to young people with their ingenious curation and cultural and creative products.

Among the people who like to visit museums and watch exhibitions, the post-80s generation is slightly better at 41.74%; the post-90s and post-95s account for 32.1%.

The Sanxingdui Museum's blessing-themed blind box, Gansu Museum's "horse treads on flying swallows", the Palace Museum's "Chaozhu" earphones, and Yinxu Museum's Internet celebrity ice cream are very popular among young people.

  According to Mafengwo platform data, the top five museums (exhibition halls) with high popularity in 2022 are Sanxingdui Museum, Palace Museum, National Museum of China, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum and Shaanxi History Museum.

  Beijing and Shanghai have almost all kinds of exhibitions that are most popular with young people.

From January to September, influential exhibitions both online and offline are basically distributed in these two major cities.

  In addition to culture and art, the post-90s and post-95s also have great enthusiasm for "eating", accounting for more than 45% of the people who "travel for food", "A Bite of China" and "A String of Life" Food documentaries such as "Flavor World" have become important references for choosing travel destinations.

  In the 2022 list of the most pyrotechnic cities in the hearts of young people, Changsha topped the list.

From the well-known Internet celebrity delicacies such as "Wen He You" and "Tea Yan Yue Se", to the street stalls full of people at night, the strong fireworks are the biggest feature of Changsha attracting young tourists.

Chongqing, Xi'an, Chengdu, and Guiyang, which are among the top five, can leave a deep "taste bud mark" for travelers.

It is worth mentioning that Yanji, a small border town that has become popular with its delicious food, is also on the list.

  "Contemporary Young People's Travel Guide" pointed out that limited beauty is an experience that young people do not want to miss: go to Linzhi to chase a limited peach blossom in spring, go to Kunming to see the jacaranda in early summer, and arrange a trip to watch the "rocket launch". The unique season-limited gameplay is most attractive to young people.

  More and more diverse travel and accommodation options

  China's extensive high-speed rail network has redefined the concept of travel around cities. The distance between cities is shortening and the travel radius for tourists is increasing.

In 2022, the content of "high-speed rail tours" in Mafengwo Station will increase by 28% compared with the same period last year. "Take the high-speed rail to another city for the weekend" has become popular among young people.

  Flexible and free self-driving travel is also one of the fastest-growing travel modes in recent years. Being able to stop at any time to enjoy the unknown beauty is the joy of young people’s travel.

According to Mafengwo's statistics on the source of tourists, first-tier and new first-tier cities account for 60.7% of the tourists who travel by car.

  Beijing tourists are most enthusiastic about self-driving travel. Zhangjiakou, Anaya, and Hulunbuir Prairie are the most popular self-driving travel destinations for Beijing tourists.

Chengdu, Guangzhou, Chongqing, and Shanghai, which are rich in surrounding travel resources, are ranked second to fifth on the list of source cities for self-driving tourists.

  Mafengwo data shows that as of now, 80.7% of self-driving tour users choose to travel for 1-8 days this year, and short- and medium-distance self-driving tours are still the mainstream.

Mafengwo found through insight into user preferences that family and parent-child travel tend to be short-distance self-driving, and solo travel prefers long-distance self-driving.

  In terms of self-driving routes, the "318 Sichuan-Tibet Line Self-driving" that almost every self-driving enthusiast is eager to experience is the favorite self-driving route for young people in 2022. .

The self-driving routes in the northwest and southwest occupied seven seats in the top ten.

It is the main appeal of self-driving enthusiasts to enjoy the natural beauty along the way. Whether it is the vast and magnificent northwest or the southwest of the mountains, it is a must-check place in the hearts of self-driving enthusiasts.

  Combining sports and travel, both healthy and close to nature, cycling has received increasing attention in recent years.

In addition to relaxing urban cycling, more and more young people are eager to challenge themselves through long-distance cycling.

Cycling around Qinghai Lake, as a beginner-friendly entry-level route, has become the most popular long-distance cycling route for young people this year.

  With the popularity of the C6 driver's license (a driver's license required for light towing trailers) this year, the popularity of domestic "RV tours" has also been pushed to a new high.

Since the beginning of this year, the content of RVs in the Mafengwo Station has increased by 30.3% compared with the same period last year.

RV + camping, RV + outdoor barbecue, RV + stargazing are the most popular ways to play.

Traveling in an RV can not only solve the problem of accommodation and catering on the road, but also meet the needs of young people to watch and play.

In addition, some "hardcore" players also use campsites as a destination on the journey.

  The change of young people's travel consumption concept is also reflected in the choice of accommodation. "Characteristics" is the key to the homestay for young people to stop.

The data shows that health and safety is always the primary consideration for choosing a homestay, with surrounding scenery and characteristic experience ranking second and third with 53% and 46.8%, respectively.

Homestays that "advance with the times" have been making efforts to enrich experiences in recent years, such as homestay + picking, homestay + script killing, homestay + hot spring, etc. Additional projects have become the key to attracting young people.

  Compared with last year, the trend of young people's quality of homestay consumption is becoming more and more obvious, and the proportion of homestay bookings of more than 1,000 yuan has increased by 13.7%.

Young people are willing to pay for the high-quality facilities and services, personalized design and unique experience of homestays.

Finding a homestay to chat with family members during the holidays has become a new way for many urban families to celebrate the holidays.

  Beijing News Shell Finance reporter Wang Zhenzhen