As the prices of familiar things continue to rise, a major grocery chain has started a new type of store with most items under 500 yen including tax.

The new store opened in Mitaka City, Tokyo on the 30th by "Ryohin Keikaku", which develops MUJI.

It is smaller than the previous store, and about two-thirds of the approximately 3,000 items, including daily necessities such as kitchen utensils and lotions, miscellaneous goods, and food, are priced at 500 yen or less including tax.

The company analyzed that with the recent high prices, there is a growing movement among consumers to seek products at lower prices, and they created a store to capture this demand.

In addition, since the spread of the new coronavirus, the demand for daily necessities is increasing as more time is spent at home.

The company aims to open 30 stores, mainly in central stations and residential areas, by the end of February next year.

Takuo Nagahara, general manager of Ryohin Keikaku's sales division, said, "We want to deliver low-cost, high-quality products while listening to our customers."