China News Service, September 30 (Xie Yiguan, a reporter from China-News Finance and Economics) "Turn the heating to the second gear to maintain a constant temperature, and turn on the electric blanket for 30 minutes before going to bed. Prepare to heat the floor mat, hot water bottle, electric heater or fan heater, and cotton curtains. , put plastic thermal film on the windows, and prepare wood if there is a fireplace..."

  As the weather turns cooler, Amy, who lives in Latvia, summed up a set of experiences on how to spend the winter in Europe.

Energy bills are skyrocketing, and the

heating can't be turned on to the hottest gear

  The reason for Amy to give up turning the heat on to 5th gear (the hottest gear) and prepare the heating equipment is to save energy.

On July 31, local time, in Berlin, Germany, in order to save energy, the facade lighting of Berlin's landmark buildings was significantly reduced at night.

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  "After the Ukrainian crisis, international natural gas prices have remained high. In particular, European natural gas is heavily dependent on imports, but this year, due to geopolitical factors, natural gas supply has been cut." said Bai Ming, deputy director of the International Market Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce Research Institute.

  With the reduction in natural gas supply, "the energy bill has gone up by 200% to 300% now," Amy told China-Singapore Finance and Economics reporter.

  Not only Amy, but a Chinese living in Hannover, Germany has also been hit by gas and electricity bills recently: "The gas and electricity bills in 2020 will be prepaid about 110 euros per month, and the prepayment will be automatically adjusted to 96 euros in 2021, and monthly in 2022. The prepayment is 230 euros, and from October 1 this year, the monthly prepayment will be 314 euros.”

  Faced with the shortage of natural gas and soaring energy prices, many Europeans, like Amy, began to save for the winter.

AliExpress data shows that consumers in the Netherlands, France, Germany and Poland are quite dependent on heating appliances made in China.

  According to data from the market research firm GFK cited by foreign media, in the first half of this year, German consumers bought a 35% increase in heaters compared to the same period last year.

According to the report, at least 600,000 heaters were sold in Germany in the first half of the year.

  In August, British appliance store Lakeland said it had sold nearly 13 times as many electric blankets as it did in 2021 so far this year.

China's heating product exports have

increased significantly, setting off

a "replenishment tide"

  Europeans' enthusiasm for heating equipment has also led to a surge in my country's exports of related products.

  Cixi City, Zhejiang Province is one of the heater production bases in my country.

According to customs statistics, from January to August this year, the export of Cixi heaters was 3.35 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 26.3%, of which 1.53 billion yuan was exported to the EU, a year-on-year increase of 55.2%.

  "In May and June, the company's overall order volume for heaters exceeded that of last year," said Liu Jiwen, general manager of an electrical appliance company in Ningbo.

  A large domestic electrical appliance company also told a reporter from China-Singapore Finance and Economics that the export sales of brand air source heat pumps in the first half of the year increased by more than 200% year-on-year, and the order volume increased by 10 times.

The European market ushered in double-speed growth.

  Different from the situation where the peak production season for heaters ended around mid-September in previous years, in order to cope with the "replenishing orders" from customers in Europe and other places, many merchants are still busy making orders.

  "This year is unusual. In previous years, customers confirmed their orders in April at the latest. Because of their high latitude, it started to get cold in September. But this year, orders are still being placed until now, and customers who deliver in November can also accept it." Liu Jiwen said .

Volume and price rose together, with fire heating equipment stocks

  Among the heating equipment, the export sales of electric blankets are particularly bright.

According to data from the General Administration of Customs, in January this year, the monthly number of electric blankets imported from China by 27 EU countries was 189,000, which increased rapidly to 521,000 in June, and climbed to 1.29 million in July, a month-on-month increase of nearly 150%.

On the AliExpress platform, electric blankets are sold for 50 euros, which is almost 3-4 times the domestic price.

  The demand for electric blankets in Europe has driven the share price of Rainbow Group, a leading domestic electric blanket company, to soar.

As of September 29, Rainbow Group recorded a daily limit of 5 within 7 trading days, with a cumulative increase of 62.13%.

The daily K chart of Rainbow Group's share price.

  In the face of stock price changes, Rainbow Group recently issued an announcement saying, "This year, it has obtained some export orders for electric blankets. The number of single orders is low and the overall amount is small, which has not had a substantial impact on the company's revenue." of favor.

  Not only electric blanket manufacturers, but recently, the air energy heat pump sector has also ushered in an explosion.

On September 28, Sunrise Dongfang, an air source heat pump manufacturer, achieved the daily limit of "three-connected board"; Wanhe Electric rose by more than 5%, which had previously been "two-connected board".

However, the stock price fell on the 29th.

Nord Stream pipeline leak may exacerbate European demand for heating products

  Europeans suffering from rising energy prices are looking for various ways to heat, but a recent news has made their nerves "tight" again.

  On September 26, local time, the "Beixi-1" and "Beixi-2" natural gas pipelines leaked.

  "It is estimated that energy costs will rise again." Amy, who saw the news, said, "Most of Europe is gas-fired, and now electricity costs have risen by 200%. I don't know how much it will rise."

  European gas prices had retreated from record highs in late August, ahead of Tuesday's discovery of a gas pipeline leak, as countries filled storage facilities to 87% capacity ahead of winter, CBC reported.

But European gas prices have soared about 14% since the pipeline rupture sparked jitters about energy security.

  "Now that the Beixi Pipeline is leaking, even if the situation changes, it cannot be put into use, which also makes it more difficult to supply natural gas in Europe in winter, or further promotes Europeans' demand for heating products." Bai Ming told China New Financial reporter.