The number of houses owned by 100 multi-family dwellers is well over 20,000.

The asset value exceeds KRW 2.5 trillion based on the published price.

According to the 'Housing Status of Top 100 Homeowners' data received by National Statistical Office on the 29th by Rep. Kim Hoe-jae of the Democratic Party of Korea, the top 100 multi-homeowners owned 20,689 houses as of 2020.

The sum of the published prices of their houses was KRW 2.5236 trillion.

On average, one person owned 207 houses, and the property value of that house was 25.2 billion won.

The number of homes owned by the top 100 people stood at 17,244 in 2016, but increased by 20.0% in four years.

During the same period, the value of the houses of the top 100 people soared 67.8% from 1.538 trillion won.

The average housing assets per person increased by about 10 billion won.

Assemblyman Kim's office said, "If the government's tax reform plan reduces the fair market price ratio (100% → 60%), abolishes the heavy tax rate for multiple houses, and raises the basic deduction amount (600 million won → 900 million won), the top 100 people will average 10 per person. It is estimated that they will receive a tax benefit of 80 million won.”

According to our own analysis, it is an explanation that the tax they have to pay will be drastically reduced from an average of 1.48 billion won to 394.24 million won.

Rep. Kim said, "The tax reform plan of the Yun Seok-yeol administration is a tax cut for the super-rich that gives preferential treatment to multi-family homeowners with hundreds of houses.

(Photo = Yonhap News)