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The government purchases semi-subterranean houses with high risk of flooding and builds them as above-ground housing, and supports the relocation of semi-subterranean rental housing residents to the ground.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport decided to demolish the houses purchased by the Korea Land and Housing Corporation and others this year through a new purchase agreement method and supply them as rental housing with no risk of flooding by constructing new piloti structures.

Tenants of semi-subterranean public rental housing in habitually flooded areas are suggested to relocate to an above-ground housing with a large floor space and a low construction age, and initial settlement funds such as moving expenses are also provided.


Due to the aging of the population and the impact of COVID-19, the number of deaths last year was the highest since 1983, when statistics began to be compiled.

The National Statistical Office said the number of deaths last year stood at 307,680, an increase of 12,732, or 4.2%, from a year earlier.

In particular, those aged 80 and over accounted for 50% of the total deaths for the first time last year.

The death toll from COVID-19 last year totaled 5,030, which is more than five times higher than in 2020, the first year of the spread.


It was found that it is necessary to check the nutritional content of yogurt products on the market, as the sugar and fat content of each product is different.

According to the Korea Consumer Agency's survey of 24 yogurt products on the market, the sugar content per 100 grams of each product differed by up to three times between the product with the least amount and the product with the most.

The fat and protein content of each product also differed, with Greek yogurt having 20 times more fat and 5 times more protein, respectively, than the yogurt they drank.