China News Service, September 28 (Zhongxin Finance and Economics Ge Cheng) Zhongxin Finance recently learned from China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "National Railway Group") that railway transportation during the National Day Golden Week was launched today, starting from September 28. To October 8, a period of 11 days.

  During the National Day Golden Week, the national railways are expected to send 68.5 million passengers, with an average of 6.23 million passengers per day. October 1 is the peak passenger flow, and it is expected to send 8 million passengers.

  According to the person in charge of the passenger transportation department of China National Railway Group, this year's National Day Golden Week, the railway passenger flow is mainly for visiting relatives, tourism, and short-distance flow, and the overall situation remains stable. The railway department will efficiently coordinate epidemic prevention and control and holiday transportation, and accurately allocate transportation capacity resources, strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control measures at stations and trains, improve the quality of passenger services, and strive to create a safe, healthy, warm and comfortable travel environment. 

  One is dynamic and flexible arrangement of capacity.

Pay close attention to the development of the epidemic situation and the adjustment and changes of epidemic prevention and control policies across the country. Based on the big data on the pre-sale of railway 12306 passenger tickets, scientifically analyze the travel patterns of passengers, establish a rapid response mechanism, and flexibly formulate passenger train travel plans.

Strengthen the circulation of passenger trains in non-risk areas to meet the travel needs of short-distance passengers.

In order to cope with sudden passenger flow, a certain number of hot-standby train crews and crew members are reserved to ensure that they can be online at any time.

  The second is to strengthen the prevention and control of epidemics at stations and trains.

Strictly implement the ninth edition of the national epidemic prevention and control plan, on the premise of ensuring the accessibility of the road network, decisively stop and reduce passenger trains in epidemic-related areas, continue to strengthen temperature measurement and code inspection, ventilation and disinfection, scattered waiting, and reserved isolation seats Waiting for the epidemic prevention and control measures at stations and trains, actively cooperate with the territorial government to carry out "on-the-ground inspection", promote contactless services such as self-service entry and exit, scan code ordering, and properly do emergency response work to prevent the spread of the epidemic through railways.

Strengthen publicity tips at stations and trains, guide passengers to wear masks throughout the process, reduce gatherings and walks, maintain a safe distance, and take good care of their own health.

  The third is to strengthen the organization of passenger transport services.

Increase the passenger service capacity, optimize the flow of passengers entering and leaving the station, dynamically increase the security inspection and verification channels, strengthen the organization of passengers on and off and security inspections, improve the transfer service, and connect with public transportation, subways, taxis and other municipal transportation in an orderly manner. To ensure safe and orderly travel of passengers.

Guarantee basic services such as catering, water supply, cleaning, etc., and implement the railway clear code service on EMU trains to improve the travel experience of passengers.

Caring for key passengers of the elderly, young, sick, disabled and pregnant, actively accepting reservations, opening up green channels, strengthening caring services, and providing maximum travel convenience.

  The fourth is to increase efforts to ensure smooth access.

Continue to implement the special action to ensure the supply of electricity and coal, strengthen the transportation of key materials for festivals, and strive to maintain the average daily loading of national railway freight at more than 180,000 vehicles. Provide reliable transportation guarantee for the production and life of the people.

  The railway department reminds passengers and friends that the specific arrangement of trains during the holiday can be inquired on the railway 12306 website (including mobile client).

According to the provisions of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, from September 10 to October 31, 2022, passengers entering the station must hold a negative nucleic acid certificate within 48 hours. Passengers are requested to make relevant preparations in advance and strengthen their own risk prevention and control before traveling. , cooperate with the railway department to implement epidemic prevention measures at stations and trains, please take personal health protection during the journey, and jointly maintain a safe and healthy travel environment.