Comprehensive measures to stabilize employment and promote entrepreneurship

  Since the beginning of this year, various localities and departments have made job stabilization and employment protection a top priority. On the one hand, they have implemented a series of measures to stabilize employment issued by the Party Central Committee and the State Council. Recruiting and solving problems have effectively promoted the stability and improvement of the employment situation, and laid a solid foundation for the smooth completion of various employment goals and tasks throughout the year.

  Helping enterprises to stabilize posts and services are normalized

  Enterprises are the main channel for absorbing employment.

Since the beginning of this year, all localities and departments have done a good job in corporate recruitment and employment services, supported the production and operation of enterprises, and maintained the overall stability of employment.

  "During the 'May 1' period, we visited more than 150 enterprises in the park, distributed more than 500 policy publicity materials, sorted out 106 positions, and employed 366 people." The relevant person in charge of the employment service center of Shaoyang City, Hunan Province said that the service center In-depth visits and investigations of 175 enterprises in Shaoyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, and actively coordinated with the feedback from enterprises that "the epidemic prevention and control requirements are strict, resulting in poor personnel flow" and "some employees are still under closure and control and have not been able to all arrive at their posts". , to help resolve.

  In order to achieve stable employment growth, various parts of Hunan have also established a labor service guarantee mechanism for industrial parks.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Hunan Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, since the beginning of this year, according to the total number of employees, the number of vacancies, and the structure of vacancies in key enterprises and provincial industrial parks, about 880 key enterprises and 143 provincial industrial parks have been actively connected with production. Difficult problems in operation and employment, timely research and promote solutions, and implement detailed employee recruitment, vocational skills training, epidemic prevention and control, policy publicity and other services.

  "Our company's most in short supply is not front-line couriers, but grass-roots managers." Li Min, manager of the Human Resources Department of Hunan SF Express Co., Ltd. told reporters that some small and medium-sized enterprises have more difficulties in recruiting workers, so the human resources department Combined with the shortage and overflow of labor among enterprises, a mechanism for adjusting labor surplus and shortage and a docking platform for sharing labor information have been established, which alleviated the temporary labor problems of many enterprises.

  Since the beginning of this year, in the face of the difficulties and challenges brought about by the economic downturn, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has steadily promoted the normalized employment service mechanism for key enterprises, focusing on providing all-round, multi-channel and normalized employment services and guidance for key enterprises.

According to incomplete statistics, local human resources and social departments have taken active actions to strengthen the implementation of policies, refine recruitment activities, optimize service methods, and deepen labor cooperation, accumulatively helping about 47,000 key enterprises to meet the employment needs of more than 3.97 million people.

  Improve the efficiency of labor matching in the market

  At present, the autumn special activities for joint recruitment of college graduates in large and medium cities in 2022 are being carried out in various places.

  Online, job seekers can enter special job fairs in different industries and regions anytime and anywhere to find the job information they need; offline, Xiamen, Luliang, Jinjiang, Shaoxing, Huanggang, Zhuzhou, Dezhou and other places have prepared many unemployed colleges and universities A special job fair for graduates, which is convenient for job seekers to come to the site for face-to-face consultation with enterprises.

  To meet the employment needs of job seekers, it is necessary to effectively improve the efficiency of market matching.

To this end, various local human resources and social departments have made in-depth recruitment activities, and various regions have generally carried out "Spring Breeze Action", Employment Assistance Month, Private Enterprise Recruitment Month, "Hundred Days and Ten Thousands" online recruitment, college graduate job fairs and "Live Broadcasting with Posts". ” and other series of recruitment activities to ensure employment and employment.

  Anhui has carried out "2+N" recruitment activities on a regular basis, organized and implemented the "100,000,000,000" online recruitment special campaign and "Thousands of Enterprises and Tens of Jobs" cloud recruitment and other activities.

At the same time, Anhui has also introduced a number of measures to promote the employment and entrepreneurship of college graduates in 2022, and a number of measures to vigorously support college graduates in building their dreams.

The reporter learned that the "53353" job expansion plan, specific employment positions and other extraordinary measures that are being implemented locally, have tapped 370,000 jobs of various types.

  "We have a lot of demand for front-line blue-collar workers, and we mainly connect with colleges and universities through school-enterprise cooperation." Deng Panpan, human resources manager of Hefei Haier Industrial Park, introduced that the local government provided free booths for enterprises in the recruitment night market. Hefei There is also a "three kilometers" employment circle community employment service platform, which builds a platform for enterprises and job seekers to communicate.

  At present, the employment needs of enterprises and the demands of job seekers have also achieved a positive interaction.

Deng Panpan introduced that enterprises have requirements for employees, and Haier has proposed a strategic direction for intelligent manufacturing. Knowledge-based employees who understand production, equipment and quality are needed, and students from colleges and vocational colleges who have certain learning ability and acceptance ability are preferred.

"Employees also have choices for companies. Some young people feel that it is not a good place to work in factories. However, affected by the epidemic in recent years, companies are also working hard to improve the working environment and welfare benefits. Many young people are considering being a blue-collar worker as a part of the job. Stable job."

  Support entrepreneurship to drive employment

  While actively supporting employment, it spares no effort to protect and cultivate entrepreneurship, making it possible for more market players to drive employment.

  The State Council executive meeting held on September 7 deployed policies to increase support for employment and entrepreneurship, expand employment space, and cultivate and strengthen market players and new economic drivers.

Since the beginning of this year, the support policies for the entrepreneurial crowd have become more comprehensive.

Start-up entities are strongly supported. Eligible college graduates can apply for a personal entrepreneurial guarantee loan of up to 200,000 yuan, and the finance will provide discounted interest. For a partnership, the loan amount can be appropriately increased according to the number of partners who meet the loan conditions; The social security policy is guaranteed, and policies such as guaranteed loans, tax relief, and social security subsidies are provided to support self-employment and flexible employment; the environment for entrepreneurship and innovation is more friendly, and if the entrepreneur-guaranteed lender is in trouble due to the epidemic, not only can the loan repayment be extended for one year, but also Guide banks to increase initial loans, credit loans, renewal loans, and medium and long-term loans for small and medium-sized enterprises.

  The "Malanhua Plan" is a demonstration entrepreneurship training provided by the Human Resources and Social Security Department for all types of urban and rural workers who have entrepreneurial willingness and training needs. It has important guiding significance for entrepreneurial youth and college graduates to start their own businesses.

  Not long ago, Xiong Rui, a student of the first Malanhua Internet Entrepreneurship Training Course in Nanping City, Fujian Province, participated in the 7-day course.

"I'm a fresh graduate and I've been looking for my future direction. In this training, I started with the relevant knowledge of online creation, to practical exercises such as live broadcast, short video, and simulated mall. Awareness. The training enhances the confidence and ability of young people who are curious and inexperienced in entrepreneurship, and can allow us to avoid blind entrepreneurship and increase the success rate.”

  Zhang Ying, director of the Employment Promotion Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, said that human resources and social security departments at all levels will step up efforts to promote entrepreneurship and flexible employment.

Implement key group entrepreneurship promotion actions, in-depth implementation of entrepreneurship training, follow-up to provide financing support such as entrepreneurship guaranteed loans, and hold a series of activities such as the China Wing Contest to stimulate the motivation of labor for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Improve flexible employment labor employment and social security policies, carry out pilot projects for occupational injury protection for those employed in new forms of employment, strengthen the construction of the odd-job market, and support the healthy development of flexible employment.

  Ao Rong