Chaowan has become a new currency for young people to socialize

  Online "planting grass" to find a good offline experience immersive "Taowan"

  As young people gradually grow into the main force in the consumer market, their advanced consumption concepts and unique cultural consumption demands have brought a new soil for the value-added of the trend industry, and trendy play has become a spiritual consumer product for young people.

The boom of blind box products has driven the rapid growth of my country's trendy play economy, emerging white-collar workers have become the main consumption force, and the trendy play industry has gradually entered the mass consumer market.

  Self-pleasure, social needs, etc.

  Drive the expansion of the trendy play market

  Trend toys, also known as artist toys, designer toys.

Only the trendy toys popular in the adult circle mainly include the following types (parts): blind box dolls, figure toys, BJD dolls (ball joint dolls with movable joints), artist toys, plush toys, assembled Building Blocks.

  What are the characteristics of young people's trendy game consumption preferences?

Relevant reports released by Crawray show that the demand for self-expression, social interest, emotional sustenance, and return on investment drives the expansion of the consumer market for trendy toys among young people. frequency.

  The blind box economy has driven the rapid growth of China's trendy game market.

During the 618 period in 2022, only on the Jingdong platform, the turnover of blind boxes increased by 3.5 times year-on-year.

  The cutting-edge white-collar workers have high income and high consumption characteristics, fast pace of life and high work pressure. Chaowan has become their "little luck" to release pressure and experience a better life, and has gradually become the largest consumer of Chaowan.

  Different generations have different preferences for trendy consumer goods. The post-80s and post-90s people place equal emphasis on rationality and emotion. For them, movable dolls, BJDs, and soldiers can be used as emotional companions and have room for appreciation and premium. They have investment and financial management capabilities. Effect: The post-95s and post-00s groups pursue childlike interest, and their consumption of plush toys, cotton dolls, and assembled building blocks is relatively high.

  Immersive "Taowan" after 00

  Post-90s social platforms to find friends

  Viewing, collection, IP traction and social needs are the key factors to attract young people to play games.

  According to Crowe’s survey data, 58% of the trendy players have been “in the pit” for more than one year, and 38% of users consume trendy games more than once a month.

Ordinary players spend less than 500 yuan per month on trendy games, while “Krypton Gold” players spend “thousands of gold” for Aihao every month, with an average monthly expenditure of more than 1,000 yuan.

  From the point of view of purchase channels, in addition to directly meeting their needs through traditional e-commerce channels, the post-00s also like to shop offline and watch exhibitions to experience the thrill of immersive “Taowan”; The book platform "mixed circle" finds friends, changes dolls on second-hand platforms, or offline challenges to catch dolls to gain love; post-80s like to visit brand flagship stores on Taobao and Jingdong, or through Chaowan apps, offline Chaowan exhibitions, etc. Place orders and consume through vertical channels.

  Social sharing, content brushing, and "mixing circles" are the three common interest behaviors of the trendy gamers. In addition, the interest behaviors of people in different segments show differentiated characteristics.

  Young people have higher requirements for the design, quality control and craftsmanship of Chaowan. The new brand of Chaowan needs to be cautious and accurately avoid the "minefield" of young people in order to capture the hearts of TA.

  In general, Chaowan has become a new carrier for young people to express themselves and communicate with each other. The emotional value that Chaowan gives young people is much higher than the material value of the toys themselves. High repurchase drives Chaowan to the mass consumer market.

  There are reviews and experience

  Social platforms have become an important position for "planting grass"

  At present, social platforms are an important channel for young people to obtain trendy content.

  The post-80s are more reliant on and loyal to the people they follow, and trust is the foundation for them to grow grass and trendy toys; post-95s, as full-level Internet surfing players, love to taste early adopters, hunt for novelties, trendy game experts, and Internet celebrities can recommend Get them to actively try to get in.

  From the perspective of content preference, the post-80s and post-85s trendy gamers attach great importance to the practical value of content, and pay attention to professional content such as evaluation and popular science; post-90s and post-95 players pay attention to the designer's artistic concept, and also pursue the trend of blind boxes and novel experiences; The time cost of post-00s is low, so pay more attention to DIY strategies for practice and trendy information to follow new products and watch exhibitions.

  Compared with 2021, the content scale of social media platform Chaowan will increase by 22% from January to August 2022. Weibo, Xiaohongshu and Douyin are important positions for content dissemination.

  On the content platform, content related to blind boxes, assembled building blocks, and figures have the highest social popularity.

Among them, the content related to the blind box is rich in forms, and the social media accounts that are keen on dismantling the blind box are the most popular among users; in terms of building blocks, domestic building blocks are out of the circle with Chinese style and national tide factors, and the world-renowned brand LEGO uses "IP Universe" "Winning.

  It is worth noting that the assembled building blocks have driven the consumption of cultural and creative IP derivatives, and the “brand x building blocks” approach has created many popular items.

  In addition, young people's love for figurines is no longer shallow, and they begin to focus on the immersive creation of related content.

Food and beverage, clothing, beauty, automobiles... The cross-border cooperation between brands and figures has become the key to unlocking trendy marketing and helping brands attract the attention of young consumers.

  Blind Box has also successfully "broken the circle" through co-branding and customization, effectively reaching the young consumer market.

  Text / Our reporter Chen Si