reported on its Chinese website on September 27 that recently, Shanghai Youjie Housekeeping Service Co., Ltd. was fined 200,000 yuan by the Songjiang District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau for false or misleading commercial promotions.

  The illegal facts show that in May 2021, in order to attract the attention of Xiaohongshu platform users to the content of the company's housekeeping services, the party wrote a commercial promotion under the title of "Tsinghua-Nanny [35k] Butler" on the Xiaohongshu Enterprise Account published on.

The commercial promotion content contains the text content "Name: Li Jing; Graduate School: Tsinghua University; Education: Undergraduate".

After verification, the parties did not receive the official resume and application of Tsinghua graduates when they released the above-mentioned commercial promotion.

Li Jing is a fictitious name for her, and the corresponding information such as colleges and educational backgrounds is also fictitious.

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  In addition, in the content of the "work experience" of the commercial promotion, "from 2016 to 2018, a family of four in Tomson Yipin District [assistant] with supplementary food for early education of babies over one year old" is from the housekeeping service signed by the parties on March 11, 2021. However, the housekeeping service was not provided by Li Jing; the work experience of “2019-2021, the family of three in Shanghai Jiujiantang [housekeeper] arranges the work of the auntie” is a fictitious work experience.

  In the content of the "company evaluation" of the commercial promotion, the content of "Auntie is of high quality, good at early education, English, loves cleanliness, easy to get along with, eager to learn, cheerful, lively, and positive" does not correspond to actual characters, and is written by the parties based on their experience. There is no objective factual basis; the female "avatar photo" in the commercial propaganda content is a fiction that the party entrusts others to use computer software to modify through the Internet, and there is no actual person corresponding to it in reality.

To sum up, the commercial propaganda written by the parties under the title "Tsinghua-Aunt Nanny [35k] Butler" is false.

(Zhongxin Finance)