In an effort to reduce accidents caused by mistakenly stepping on the accelerator and the brake, automobile manufacturers are introducing new safety features one after another that can suppress acceleration even if the accelerator is suddenly depressed.

Among them, Honda has installed a new safety function in the new minicar model released this month.

If the driver suddenly depresses the accelerator while driving at 30km/h or less, the driver's seat display and sound will warn the driver, and the speed will be maintained for 5 seconds before depressing, and then only up to 30km/h. I am trying not to accelerate.

Functions that detect surrounding obstacles and reduce acceleration are already widespread, but the new safety function operates regardless of the surrounding conditions, so it is expected to prevent accidents caused by mistakenly pressing the accelerator or brake. It has been.

Hideaki Takaishi, Executive Chief Engineer of Honda, said, "Pedal misapplication is one of the major problems in traffic accidents, and we want to solve these problems one by one with technology to achieve zero traffic accidents."

The function that suppresses the acceleration of the car due to pedal misapplication has already been installed in some models by Toyota Motor Corporation, and Mazda and Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. have begun installing it in new models released this month, and the introduction is spreading among automakers. I'm here.