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The Danish

Directorate General for Energy

declared an emergency in the electricity and gas sectors on Tuesday after detecting three leaks in the Russian

Nord Stream 1 and 2

gas pipelines in the last few hours .

"The breakage of pipes rarely occurs, so we see reason to increase the level of emergency as a result of the events that occurred last day. We want to ensure careful monitoring of critical infrastructure to reinforce security of supply," it states in a statement. release.

The announcement supposes the rise to

the orange level

, the second highest on a scale of five, which implies that "concrete measures" will be communicated that companies in the gas and electricity sectors must implement "to increase the safety of, for example, plants, buildings and facilities".

The Danish authorities initially reported a leak in

Nord Stream 2

in Danish waters in the


, and later two others in

Nord Stream 1

, one in the waters of this Nordic country and another in those of neighboring


, near the island of



Both pipelines are out of service:

Nord Stream 1

has been detained for weeks after


alleges an oil leak at the only Russian compressor station still in operation;

the other was never operational, with


suspending the approval process shortly before the Russian military intervention in



Nord Stream operator does not know when gas pipelines will be restored

The operator has described as


the damage that three lines of the two infrastructures have suffered simultaneously, and assures that it is impossible to predict when they will be restored.

"The damage that occurred simultaneously to three offshore pipeline strands of the

Nord Stream

system on the same day is unprecedented. It is not yet possible to estimate the timing of the restoration of the gas transportation infrastructure," says

Nord Stream AG

, with headquarters in Switzerland.

Germany points to an "intentional attack" and the Kremlin does not rule out sabotage

The German authorities have not made any official comment on the incident, but according to a source close to the German government, quoted by the German newspaper


and collected by AFP, "everything speaks against a coincidence."

"We cannot imagine a scenario that is not an intentional attack," said this source.

For its part,


has been "very alarmed" and does not rule out "any version" of the causes of what happened.

"No version can be ruled out," said the spokesman for the Russian Presidency,

Dmitri Peskov

, in his daily telephone press conference when asked if it was sabotage.

No navigation within five miles

The Danish Navy has decreed an order that prohibits navigation within a radius of five miles around the areas of the leaks and, flights, in an area of ​​one kilometer.

"It is not estimated that there may be consequences for safety or health outside the prohibited areas. This also applies to the inhabitants of




(Danish Baltic islands)," warns the General Directorate of Energy.

According to this body, it is "too early" to say anything about the causes of the leaks.

Nord Stream AG , the


-based infrastructure manager

, had also confirmed on Tuesday a

"drop in pressure"

in both threads of

Nord Stream 1

, after a similar problem was detected in the other gas pipeline.

"The authorities and the government are following the situation carefully and will keep the population continuously informed," Danish Energy Minister

Dan Jørgensen

told the Ritzau agency .

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