China-Singapore Jingwei, September 28th (Xiong Siyi) There will be a 7-day National Day holiday soon. Have you thought about it?

Data map: Huashan.

Source: Baotu Network

Adjustment of epidemic prevention policies in multiple scenic spots

  The National Day holiday is approaching, and the tourism market is heating up.

In response to the soaring passenger flow, many well-known scenic spots in China adjusted their epidemic prevention measures during the National Day.

  Huashan's official website announced on the 26th that tourists from other provinces or people with a history of travel and residence must check two or more negative nucleic acid test certificates issued by medical institutions in Shaanxi Province within 3 days before entering the park.

Huashan's official website emphasizes that

you must stay in Shaanxi Province for 3 days

, and the nucleic acid test is normal, and you must enter the scenic spot with a nucleic acid sampling within 24 hours or a nucleic acid negative certificate on the day of play.

Daocheng Yading

  Scenic Spot reminded on the 26th that after entering the state, people from low-risk areas outside the province strictly implement "3 inspections in 3 days", and the last inspection should be kept within 24 hours


  In addition, Ejin Banner, Inner Mongolia announced on the 26th that


, and online real-name ticket sales will be implemented, with limited reservations for sale every day .

Tourists must reserve electronic tickets for scenic spots and attractions

48 hours in


  Many scenic spots have also clarified the flow restriction measures during the National Day. For example, the Huangshan Scenic Area stipulates that the number of tourists received on the "November" Golden Sunday is limited to


; Fully implement prevention and control measures such as

50% current limit


Over 60% of working people celebrate the festival on the spot

  In fact, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Wuhan, Xi'an and many other places have issued documents, advocating local festivals and not leaving unless necessary.

  Beijing CDC said on the 27th that citizens and friends will continue to understand, support and cooperate with various epidemic prevention policies.

Advocate local festivals and reduce trips to Beijing.

  Xi'an made it clear on the 25th that it advocates "delaying happy events, simple funerals, and no banquets", and

hosting banquets with more than 5 tables and other gatherings must be reported 3

days in advance; Nanjing made it clear on the 24th that large-scale conferences, training, and exhibitions will not be held unless necessary. , cultural performances and other gathering activities.

  For those returning after the holiday, Shenzhen requires "two inspections in three days". In principle, "two points and one line" are implemented in the first three days of work and life, and it

is advisable not to take public transportation

; Wuhan has made it clear that those returning from tourism outside the province will fully implement the 7-day community health Monitoring and nucleic acid detection measures on days 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7.

  In addition, according to the Insight Report on Vacation Habits of Workers by, 26.7% of the respondents are planning travel activities during the National Day holiday. Most workplace people said that this National Day holiday will respond to the epidemic prevention policy and reduce outing activities, of which

61.3% choose to take the national day holiday.

to celebrate the festival


Local tours and surrounding tours become mainstream

Data map: RV self-driving tour.

Source: Baotu Network

  Affected by this, local travel and surrounding travel may continue to become the mainstream of National Day travel.

The Tuniu report shows that during the National Day holiday, more than 60 adults choose local tours and surrounding tours, and destinations such as Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, and Zhuhai are ranked high in popularity.

  Judging from the booking data, Tuniu said that

this year's National Day holiday trips will see rapid growth from September 29, and will peak on October 1,

and the travel boom will be more concentrated from September 30 to October 5. between days.

  It should be noted that, according to the "Implementation Plan for Exemption of Tolls for Small Passenger Cars on Major Holidays",

small passenger cars with 7 seats and below enjoy the free high-speed toll policy during the National Day holiday


The free period starts at 00:00 on the first day of the holiday and ends at 24:00 on the last day of the holiday.

Small partners who plan local tours and surrounding tours can consider traveling by car!

  However, during the National Day, air ticket prices have risen compared to the recent past.

Hanglu Zongheng pointed out that during the 11th period, the average daily number of travelers on domestic routes increased by about 15% compared with the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. The average domestic flight fare was 892 yuan, while the average price during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday was about 636 yuan.

  How did you celebrate National Day this year?

Tickets, air tickets booked yet?

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