In order to welcome the fifth Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival, on the evening of September 23rd, Pinduoduo held the "Spell Good Fengjing Technology Duo" in the National Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Park of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Delicious" special live event, telling the story of science and technology behind Xueba Food.

  For about two and a half hours, Guo Jianing, the host of China Central Radio and Television Station, as an "intern farmer", invited the hosts of the main station, Ma Fanshu, Chen Beibei, and Hu Xiaosong, director of the National Fruit and Vegetable Processing Engineering Technology Research Center of China Agricultural University, to help netizens solve various tricks. "Agriculture is impossible" problem, introduce the good things of agricultural research, pay attention to the changes brought by agricultural science and technology to people's lives, and pay tribute to all agricultural scientists.

The combination of "food and technology" has attracted nearly 20 million netizens to watch online.

In order to celebrate the harvest, on the evening of September 23, the special live broadcast event of "Spell out a good Fengjing technology and a delicious taste" was held in the National Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Park of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

  According to reports, as the only e-commerce platform among the organizers of this year's Harvest Festival Golden Autumn Consumption Season, Pinduoduo has now launched the "Duoduo Harvest Hall", and will invest a total of 5 billion in subsidies for farmers' consumption on the platform before November 30. Major agricultural regions across the country and nearly 900 million platform consumers celebrated the Harvest Festival.

Among them, primary and intensively processed agricultural products cultivated or developed by agronomists are one of the priorities of subsidies.

  "We hope to attract more people to pay attention to the latest scientific research achievements in China's agriculture, support more young people to follow the example of the older generation of agronomists, take agriculture as their career, accelerate the promotion of agricultural innovation from experimental fields to large markets, and encourage more agricultural Scholars have brought good news of a 'bumper harvest' in agricultural research," said a relevant person in charge of Pinduoduo.

Uncover the agricultural science and technology behind the "Feng" scene

  "Agricultural colleges are amazing. When agricultural students enter the school gate, you may be greeted by pieces of wheat. The roadside is not flowers, but fruits. You will also meet seniors on the way, escorting pigs worth millions of yuan to the Laboratory." This live broadcast ushered in the first wave of small climax in the "plus" chapter of Ding's enrollment in Yunnan Agricultural University.

Previously, he was familiar and loved by the majority of netizens for planning the "reduction" chapter of enrollment.

Classmate Ding "appeared" on the live broadcast and released the "Plus" badge for the enrollment of Yunnan Agricultural University.

  "Many people know about Yunnan's flowers and fungi, but Yunnan's potatoes are so good, why are there so few people who know about it?" Beginning with Ding's "Tucao", the live broadcast led netizens to start a journey of agricultural science and technology.

From Yunnan Agricultural University, red-skinned potatoes are processed into "net red" potato chips without any additives, and capsanthin extracted from peppers is used to make lipstick; to the "ugly packaging" of oatmeal by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences As a brand of "strong", "Guoxin No. 1" marine fish husbandry turns the vast ocean into a mobile "fish pond"; and then agronomists start "double-speed" planting of grain, and the main crops such as rice, wheat, soybean, and corn are grown. The growth cycle has been successfully halved, and netizens lamented, "It turns out that domestic agricultural technology is also ushering in a 'bumper harvest'".

  In the past, there was often a gap in the implementation of technology between scientific and technological achievements and commodities accepted by the market. Today, there are more and more paths to fill the "gap".

  "The oatmeal of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences has been sold as a prescription drug for fat reduction in the past. Relying on word of mouth among Beijing citizens, everyone queued up to buy at the store, and each person bought a maximum of 5 packs per day." Beijing special fat-reducing oatmeal Yang Peng, general manager of Development Co., Ltd., said, "In recent years, with the development of e-commerce platforms, online sales have surged. At present, the online share of this product has reached more than 80%, and the consumer population is mainly 80, Young women born in the 90s.”

  And Liu Chaoli, the co-founder of Yimu Sweet Potatoes, brought the sweet potato 25, which is sweeter than watermelon and lychee, into the live broadcast room.

This is a breakthrough roasted potato variety, which received special attention from experts from Yantai Academy of Agricultural Sciences because it was bitten by a mouse during storage. It was finally cultivated successfully after more than ten years.

Unlike many new varieties that were forgotten after leaving the test field, with the help of new e-commerce platforms such as Pinduoduo, since 2016, Yanshu 25 has gone from online to offline, from "net red" to "long-term". "Red", because of the "sweet as honey" baking characteristics, has become the "carrying handle" among baked potato varieties.

  Liu Chaoli sold 20 million catties of cigarettes and potatoes on the Pinduoduo platform last year, "But what we want to do is not just to sell sweet potatoes, but to discover truly high-quality varieties for consumers, especially since this year, Pinduoduo has increased its focus on technology in its platform strategy. The resources of agricultural products are tilted, and we are also more motivated to allow high-quality results to enter the big market after the test field.”

  Not only that, more "tech food" is becoming a reality.

For example, artificial breeding of large yellow croaker used to be very difficult, but since the discovery of "open food", scientists have overcome one problem after another, and it has been difficult to pass.

Today, the world's first deep-sea aquaculture ship "Guoxin No. 1" has turned the blue ocean into a vast "fish pond", where fish are fished at sea. Moreover, the output of one ship is equivalent to a Chagan Lake.

"In the future, such umami may also be sold to the world through e-commerce." Hu Xiaosong said.

Pinduoduo sincerely invites young people to pay attention to and devote themselves to agriculture

  It is reported that in addition to these delicious scientific and technological delicacies, this popular science live broadcast also showed more agricultural technologies in "reserves" to the audience in front of the screen.

  For example, in the past, in the field environment, rice, wheat, soybean, corn and other major food crops in my country usually took 120 days to mature.

According to Yang Qichang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Urban Agriculture Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, today, in the plant factory, through precise control of the planting environment and nutrition, the harvest can be harvested in 60 days.

  "Grain used to live in bungalows, but now it is possible to live in buildings. By cultivating grain in multi-layered three-dimensional conditions, the production capacity can reach 20-30 times that of land. In the future, the output of one mu of land may reach tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of kilograms. , which provides a good technical support for food security." Yang Qichang said.

  Similarly, a month ago, Pinduoduo, together with Bright Home Port (Shanghai) Seed Industry Technology Co., Ltd., China Agricultural University, and Zhejiang University, announced the joint launch of the third "Duoduo Agricultural Research Technology Competition".

The topic of this competition is that the participating teams need to finely control temperature, light, water, fertilizer, and air without soil and sunlight, and challenge to design and optimize intelligent algorithms within two months to achieve lower energy consumption, In less time, grow higher yield, better quality "fruit lettuce".

This competition, which aims to change the traditional agricultural production form and explore innovative solutions for modern urban agriculture, quickly attracted dozens of top teams at home and abroad to sign up.

Pinduoduo has held the "Duoduo Agricultural Research Technology Competition" for three consecutive years.

This year's competition is about growing "fruit lettuce" in containers.

  "The Duoduo Agricultural Research Science and Technology Competition is a technology stage built by Pinduoduo for young agronomists, inviting the world's smartest brains to participate in the design of future agriculture, so that the post-80s and 90s who "don't care about farming" re-focus on agronomy, Farmers and the changes brought by agricultural technology to life.” said Lin Sen, the champion of the first “Duoduo Agricultural Research Technology Competition”.

  At the end of the live broadcast, netizens followed the live broadcast to the plant factory located in the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

Here, the dwarf rice "Xiaowei" cultivated by Qian Qian, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the Institute of Crop Science of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, is about to have a bumper harvest.

The same "Xiaowei", there is another one that is thriving in the Wentian experimental cabin of my country's space station "Tiangong".

If the experiment goes well, the Chinese people's jobs will be firmly in their own hands, whether they go to the moon or Mars in the future.

  "Is Xiaowei far away? Far. It's far in the sky. Is Xiaowei close? Near. They are tall and low, so they are grounded enough. This undoubtedly shows that the higher the technology, the better the service of daily life." Guo Jianing Say.

  Today's agriculture is no longer a simple manual labor, and the technology content of it is getting higher and higher.

A bumper harvest means a year of abundance for farmers; for the country, it is confidence and confidence in a stable job.

Agricultural scientific research lays the foundation stone for a bumper harvest every year.

  According to reports, Pinduoduo, as an upstream platform for agricultural products, has been committed to promoting the progress of my country's agricultural research and technology. Last year, it set up a special "Ten Billion Agricultural Research" project. It does not aim at commercial value and profit, and continues to promote the progress of agricultural science and technology and the popularization of science and technology. benefit.

  "Providing consumers with delicious and inexpensive agricultural products has always been our insistence. Relying on the model of 'agricultural land cloud fight', we have opened up the channel of direct delivery from the origin, so that the best tasting period of fresh agricultural products is no longer wasted In the process of multiple distribution and lengthy transportation. Since then, we will promote the standardized production and quality improvement of agricultural products to meet the needs of consumers from 'have it' to 'good' The products are resource-oriented and guided by practical needs, to help the cultivation and research and development of high-quality agricultural product varieties and high-quality processed products.” said the relevant person in charge of Pinduoduo.