OAG: With a growth of 95.7%, an average of 1,056 trips per day in August

UAE carriers operate 92,000 flights during the summer

Emirates Airlines alone operated 12.2 thousand flights during August 2022. Archive

The international organization that provides data for airports and airlines "OAG" revealed that the UAE carriers: "Emirates Airlines", "Fly Dubai", "Etihad Airways", "Air Arabia" and "Air Arabia Abu Dhabi", operated in total about 92 A thousand flights to various international airports during the summer period for the months of June, July and August 2022, compared to 47,000 flights in the same period last year, with a growth rate of about 95.7%.

According to the institution’s data, “Emirates Today” obtained a copy of it. National carriers operated 27,000 flights during June this year, compared to about 13,000 flights in the same month last year, a growth of about 107%, while the number of flights during July reached 32.2 One thousand trips, compared to 15.7 thousand trips, a growth of 105%, while the number of trips during August reached its peak, registering 32,700 trips, compared to 18.2 thousand in August last year, with a growth rate of about 80%.

According to the data, national carriers operated 1,056 flights per day throughout August 2022, compared to 587 flights per day in August last year, indicating a continuous continuous growth in the operating capacity of all national carriers, with the resumption of flights to more destinations, and the opening of new stations in international markets.

The data indicated that Emirates Airlines alone operated 12.2 thousand flights during August 2022, compared to about 7,000 flights in the same month last year, followed by Fly Dubai, which recorded 8,400 flights, compared to 4,400 flights in August 2021.

In turn, "Etihad Airways" operated 4,600 flights in August 2022, compared to about 3,000 flights in the same period last year, while "Air Arabia" operated 6,200 flights, compared to 3,300, and then "Air Arabia Abu Dhabi", which recorded 1,149 flights, compared to With 428 flights in August 2021.

strong performance

The latest data issued by Dubai Airports Corporation showed that Dubai International Airport achieved a strong performance during the second quarter of 2022, which contributed to an increase in the number of passengers traveling through the airport during the first six months of the year to about 27.9 million passengers, exceeding the number of passengers during the past year by about 1.2 million. Passengers, with a total of 26.7 million passengers, despite the reduced capacity of the airport during the renovation of the northern runway, which lasted for 45 days during last May and June. 

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