It is difficult for the products around the cottage to have lasting traffic

  Recently, the game "Sheep A Sheep" became popular on social media. Immediately, accessories and other related cottages were sold on e-commerce platforms.

The popularity of the products around the cottage is a reflection of the lack of bottom line and lack of intellectual property awareness among some businesses. Driven by interests, even black and gray industries such as false links and plug-ins have been created, which should arouse vigilance from all parties.

  On the one hand, it reflects that some merchants are greedy for their own interests, and they have no bottom line for traffic, and they are pervasive in the face of economic interests; on the other hand, it can be seen that there are still many loopholes in the protection of intellectual property rights of e-commerce platforms. The platform even tacitly allows and condone the popularity of the cottage around, which is harmful to the benign market ecology and has no benefit.

  In recent years, with the vigorous development of online transactions, the number of e-commerce platforms and merchants has continued to expand, and issues related to intellectual property rights cannot be underestimated.

Especially with the use of various technical means and business models in the field of e-commerce, it has created a lot of challenges for the supervision of intellectual property rights, and it is particularly necessary to maintain the normal market competition order and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

  On some e-commerce platforms, shoddy counterfeit goods are not uncommon.

For example, the unauthorized use of deformed words or derivative words of well-known clothing brands to mislead consumers with falsehoods; pirated books are rampant, and the identification standards are different; high imitation cosmetics and outrageous false propaganda are repeatedly prohibited; …

  Intellectual property rights generally include trademark rights, patent rights, and copyrights.

Among the infringements, the phenomenon of infringement of trademark rights and patent rights is more prominent.

On e-commerce platforms, through forgery, unauthorized use of registered trademarks, and the use of similar trademarks for the same product, infringements occur from time to time. Even among the products publicly promoted on the platform, there are also infringing products.

There are also some businesses who, without the permission of the patentee, manufacture, use and sell patented products for profit for the purpose of production and operation, which also constitute infringement.

  From another point of view, peripheral products or derivatives rely on content empowerment, plus necessary creative design, if they can make the most of the situation, they will have greater market development value.

This also inspires genuine cultural enterprises to establish copyright awareness, enhance market sense, expand consumption scenarios, and plan the development and marketing of related products in advance.

  To manage the products surrounding the cottage, the construction of the rule of law and the design of the system are essential.

The e-commerce law that has been promulgated clearly states that all e-commerce operators should fulfill the obligation to protect intellectual property rights, and platform operators must establish intellectual property protection rules, apply legal norms to the platform environment, and make them specific and detailed.

In specific practice, relevant departments should strictly implement the legal provisions, strengthen the governance of violations and chaos, urge platforms to actively perform their duties, and must not be soft on platforms and merchants who knowingly commit crimes.

  To protect intellectual property is to protect innovation.

The surrounding of the cottage destroys the market order and is not conducive to the formation of a positive innovation atmosphere.

Under the new situation, to meet the people's needs for a better life, we must pay more attention to improving the quality and efficiency of intellectual property rights, and constantly strengthen intellectual property protection work, so as to continue to stimulate the innovation vitality of the whole society.

Facts have proved that there is no quality around the cottage, the market space is limited, it is difficult to obtain lasting traffic.

  Guo Cunju