The National Tax Service is collecting taxes by looking for large delinquents who are living without paying taxes.

There are various ways to avoid paying taxes, but in the end it all comes down to it.

Reporter Jo Ki-ho reports.


When the National Tax Service employees ask the whereabouts of the tax delinquent, the person living with them answers:

[National Tax Service Collection Team: (You were there, but you went to Jinhae.) I confirmed that you are living here now.] The

voice got louder and louder,

[National Tax Service Collection Team: To not pay taxes.

(They must have run away, where did they run away.)]

Finally, they push the employees away.

[Child, get out of the way.] The

police even came, but they resist desperately.

[Why do I have to be like this?]

[National Tax Service Collection Team: Who is there?

Are you over there?]

The firefighter opens the locked door, and then the delinquent person appears in embarrassment.

[National Tax Service Collection Team: Teacher, why didn't you come?]

[Delinquent person: Oh...


The National Tax Service searched the house and found 100 million won in cash.

This man did not pay 1 billion won in taxes and lived in hiding in the house of his common-law spouse.

A reporter takes off his drapery to reveal a solid safe.

[National Tax Service Collection Team: Safe 2nd.]

It is full of 50,000 won.

These are the safes hidden in the officetel under the employee's name by a man who owed 1.4 billion won in arrears.

There was also a delinquent person who made a secret safe in the trunk of a car and hid 1.3 billion won in cash and gold bars worth 100 million won.

In addition to these on-site searches, the National Tax Service also investigated private equity funds for the first time.

This is to find delinquents who you thought would not know if you put your money in a privately funded private equity fund.

[Kim Dong-il / Director General of Tax Collection Legal Affairs, National Tax Service: The first collection agency to investigate all delinquents who invested in private equity funds and seized the capital…


Until last June, the National Tax Service recovered 1.25 trillion won in taxes from doctors and lawyers who habitually owed large amounts of arrears.

In the second half of the year, an additional 527 high delinquents have been designated and are being investigated.