A commemorative ceremony was held at the Osaka Exchange to coincide with the start of holiday trading of financial derivative products called "derivatives" from the 23rd.

The aim is to prepare investors for risks through holiday trading when the market fluctuates significantly overseas during Japanese holidays or consecutive holidays.

A commemorative ceremony was held in Osaka before the start of holiday trading of stock index futures and commodity futures on the 23rd at the Osaka Exchange and the Tokyo Commodity Exchange under the Japan Exchange Group.

Moriyuki Iwanaga, president of the Osaka Exchange, said in his greeting, "Holiday trading has been a long-cherished wish. Now we can respond to overseas movements in real time."

After this, trading began at 8:45 am.

At the Osaka Exchange and others, excluding New Year's Eve, January 2, which is difficult for securities companies to deal with, and days necessary for system updates, etc., trading is held on 13 to 14 days a year on public holidays. increase.

Compared to Europe and the United States, Japan has more public holidays, so the aim is for domestic investors to be prepared for risks in the event that stock prices fluctuate significantly in overseas markets during public holidays or long holidays.

After the ceremony, President Iwanaga said, "I want everyone to understand that the Osaka market can prepare for risks when there is a big movement overseas and it affects Japanese stocks. I want to," he expressed his expectations for the future.