Have you used the express "Privacy Form"?

The reporter visited and found that the usage rate is not high, remember to check "Privacy Protection" when shopping online

  There will be a courier face sheet attached to the courier package, which generally contains the recipient's name, phone number, and address, which is convenient for the courier to deliver the parcel.

In September, the State Post Bureau and the Ministry of Public Security held a special press conference on the special action for personal information security governance in the postal express delivery sector, reporting that the current average daily usage of privacy face sheets in the industry has reached about 100 million.

So, how is the promotion of privacy face sheets in Jiangsu?

The reporter conducted a visit and actual measurement.

In an interview with reporters, the Jiangsu Provincial Postal Administration stated that in the future, it will strengthen the publicity and launch of the use of privacy sheets in the postal express industry, continuously improve the awareness of users and express delivery practitioners to protect personal privacy, and at the same time increase the leakage of shipping companies and express delivery practitioners. and crackdown on illegal use of delivery information.

Yangzi Evening News/Ziniu News reporter Xu Jing

The actual usage rate of the privacy sheet at the express end is not high

  On September 22, the reporter visited a number of express collection points in Nanjing and found that, from the perspective of receipt, the vast majority of express parcels did not use the privacy sheet, and the sender's and recipient's names, mobile phone numbers and addresses were all revealed. .

The reporter noticed that only a few citizens have a strong sense of personal information protection. After dismantling the express box at the scene, some people took out the thermal paper correction fluid to remove the private information, and some people pulled the order with bare hands and tore it into pieces and discarded.

  The boss of a courier collection point in Jianye District, Nanjing said frankly that the number of privacy receipts is very small, usually no more than 10 a day, and they will be stacked separately and handled specially, "Because the recipient cannot be directly contacted, the courier needs to follow the recipient. Just make a phone call." The owner of a rookie station said bluntly: "Privacy form is very troublesome, we can't contact the recipient, the starting point of protecting privacy is good, but it may be difficult to promote it!"

  A courier brother, who did not want to be named, told reporters that only seven or eight out of every 100 express parcels may be used, "but because only a few customers use it and are responsible for one area for a long time, we probably know the receipt. Who is the man."

  Not only do couriers and courier storage sites have low acceptance of privacy receipts, but consumers also report that they have had a bad experience.

Some consumers reported that after using the virtual number, the courier could not get through the virtual number, and the courier was almost returned.

Some netizens reported that after choosing number protection, sometimes they could not receive the text message of the pickup code from the express station and express cabinet.

  So what about offline shipping?

A staff member of a courier collection point told reporters that privacy protection is not supported for mailing at the moment, and real-name system is now required, so the information of the recipient and sender cannot be encrypted and hidden. Fill in the information of the employee at the express collection point.

A courier brother told reporters that the sender must be in a real name system, and the recipient's name may not be real, but the mobile phone number must be filled in and cannot be hidden, otherwise the other party will not receive it.

Online shipping and e-commerce shopping can check "Privacy Protection"

  The online promotion of privacy face sheets is obviously better than offline.

The reporter logged into the WeChat mini-programs of SF Express, EMS, Yunda and other express delivery companies and found that they all support the protection of personal information.

Among them, after selecting "information encryption" for SF Express, the express receipt and online inquiry will hide some Chinese characters and numbers on the information (name, phone number, address) of the sender and receiver.

In the Cainiao Wrapping App, you can choose "Privacy Protection" for shipping, which can protect the sender's mobile phone number and address, and the recipient's mobile phone number.

  In addition to the express platform that can manually check the privacy sheet service, consumers can also set privacy protection through the online shopping platform.

The reporter experienced manually checking "Number Protection" when placing an order on Taobao, and the page prompts "Recipient's real number will not be printed on the courier slip", and the merchant and courier will deliver the goods and contact the recipient through the virtual number.

Jiangsu promotes the adjustment of privacy form to the default option for shipping

  In an interview with reporters, the Jiangsu Provincial Postal Administration introduced that in recent years, the postal express industry has continuously improved the protection measures for users' personal information.

At present, major courier companies such as China Post, SF Express, JD.com, Zhongtong, Shentong, YTO, Yunda, and Jitu have all launched privacy face sheets.

The privacy face sheet is the confidential face sheet, which is an express face sheet that hides some key information such as the user's mobile phone number.

  According to the preliminary understanding of the Jiangsu Provincial Postal Administration, at present, nearly 10 million express mails in Jiangsu Province use privacy face sheets every day, accounting for about 30% of the total express mail volume.

Although the main delivery companies and e-commerce platforms provide the function of selecting the privacy sheet, the long-term delivery habits of users have resulted in fewer users who actively choose the privacy sheet, and the courier is very efficient when collecting receipts Less will proactively remind and guide users to choose a privacy sheet.

  At present, more and more express terminal services are provided through smart express boxes and express service stations. Major terminal service companies such as Fengchao and Cainiao Station have realized data connection with e-commerce platforms and express companies, and can query the recipient's phone number, which basically does not exist. When the pickup code cannot be sent and the recipient cannot be contacted.

However, a small number of small-scale regional terminal service companies have not opened up data with e-commerce platforms and express delivery companies, and may not be able to contact recipients.

  In the next step, the Jiangsu Provincial Postal Administration will actively promote the promotion and application of the privacy sheet.

Sending companies are encouraged to improve the express mail receiving and sending information system, and promote the adjustment of the privacy face sheet as the default option for users to send mail.

Strengthen the supervision of delivery information security, and intensify the crackdown on the leakage and illegal use of delivery information by delivery companies and courier practitioners.

In conjunction with the departments of commerce, public security, Internet information, market supervision, etc., we will work together to build a strong information security defense line in the field of delivery.