Fair Chairman Han Ki-jung met with self-employed people at a chicken restaurant in Seoul with representatives of three delivery apps.

At this meeting, Chairman Han emphasized the self-regulation of platform companies, and the issue of platform regulation is expected to be a major issue in the next month's national audit.

Correspondent Lee Hye-mi.


Han Ki-jung, chairman of the Fair Trade Commission, who took office last week.

As her first field trip, she visited a chicken house in Seoul.

She was accompanied by the CEOs of three domestic delivery platform companies: Baedal Minjok, Yogi Yo, and Coupang Eats.

Store owners have expressed their dissatisfaction with the delivery app, including delivery fees comparable to the cost of food and high commissions.

[President of a soup restaurant: We are selling soup, but to eat a bowl of soup, we have to pay 5,000 won or 6,000 won for delivery...


Chairman Han emphasized platform self-regulation, referring to the characteristics of delivery platforms where multiple stakeholders are connected.

[Han Ki- jeong

/Chairman of Fair Trade: Issues such as conflicts of interest between platform companies and vendors are preferably resolved through self-regulation as much as possible (resolved).]

The On-play Act is in the process of being abolished by the current government, changing its direction to self-regulation rather than law.

The Fair Trade Commission has also launched a platform private autonomous organization to discuss self-regulation measures.

However, labor unions and civic groups are pointing out that self-regulation alone is not enough in a situation where controversy over platform abuse continues, such as passing advertising costs and demanding excessive fees.

As the government does not have guidelines regarding self-regulation, there are also concerns that self-regulation will not be effective.

The opposition party has recently set the on-play law as a legislative task for the people's livelihood.

In this state audit, a clash between the ruling and opposition parties is expected over whether to self-regulate or legislate.