From sending short videos to record daily life, to using live broadcasts to help farmers and villagers sell agricultural products.

For the farmer blogger "Mosquito", a small attempt on the Kuaishou platform three years ago unexpectedly changed the trajectory of his life.

  "Since May this year, nearly 100,000 orders of mountain and wild agricultural products have been sold, including wild vegetables, mushrooms, and fruits...".

Talking about the busy live broadcast of agricultural products this year, "Mosquito" smiled happily.

In less than a year, using his personal influence on the Kuaishou platform, he has sold hundreds of thousands of catties of mushrooms, wild vegetables, as well as unsalable mushrooms and wild pork from villagers and friends.

This was simply unimaginable in the past.

  Jiaohe City, Jilin Province, the hometown of "mosquito", is located at the western foot of Changbai Mountain. It is rich in resources and has a forest coverage rate of 63.9%.

For a long time, the local farmers rely on the mountains to eat the mountains.

However, the local population is small and domestic demand is limited.

And the traffic is relatively blocked, and every year, a large number of mountain treasures and agricultural products cannot be sold.

Especially after the outbreak of the epidemic, the number of tourists from other places decreased sharply, transportation was blocked, and the problem of unsalable agricultural products was further exacerbated.

  "Mosquito" is a native of the mountains. He loves the original ecological scenery and rich products of his hometown. He also knows the pain of poor sales of agricultural products and sharp decline in income of villagers and friends.

With the support of Kuaishou platform, "Mosquito" came up with the idea of ​​using live broadcast to promote and sell hometown agricultural products.

"Last year, in Liushultun near us, the dried red mushrooms were already ripe, but the impact of the epidemic has not been able to find a suitable market. Through a live broadcast, I sold all the dried red mushrooms in a whole village in one day. "And the "mosquito" will give the villagers a higher price than the buyers, helping the villagers to increase their income.

"Mosquito" is helping more villagers through live broadcast.

Before that, when the cool fruits of red mushrooms were ripe, they were usually transported by the villagers by their own agricultural vehicles to the city to set up street vendors to sell them little by little, and it took more than 20 days to sell out.

  From small attempts to big careers.

There are more and more villagers and friends who find "Mosquito" to help bring goods, and more and more friends want to join the "Mosquito" team to make short videos and live broadcast together.

In addition to helping solve the problem of unsalable agricultural products, "Mosquito" also helped local left-behind villagers and friends solve the employment problem.

"Mosquito" has organized more than 20 people, responsible for product selection, packaging, logistics, after-sales and other work.

The small short video platform is creating an opportunity for villagers and friends in the Jiaohe mountainous area to get in touch with the latest e-commerce models and talk to consumers across the country.

  Before that, the "mosquito" was just an ordinary villager, helping his father with farm work, raising poultry and picking mountain goods at home since he was a child.

Later, he and his wife started a gift shop in the urban area of ​​Jiaohe, but due to the impact of the epidemic, the small business could not even make ends meet.

I originally planned to go back to the mountains to continue the traditional farming business. It was an attempt to post a short video on Kuaishou in May 2019, which opened the door to a "new life" for "mosquitoes".

  "The income has increased by at least seven or eight times, and the most important thing is the sense of achievement."

For the current "mosquito", economic income has doubled, and it is no longer necessary to worry about basic livelihoods as in the past.

What made him even more rewarding was that an ordinary villager could generate so much energy and help more people.

As Kuaishou's "Happy Country Leader", "Mosquito" can also help many villagers solve problems while generating their own income, and drive more people to get rich together. "This is a more valuable thing."

  "Last year, I helped a fellow to sell sand fruit. The quality of the sand fruit is very good and has been praised by fans. This year's harvest of sand fruit is larger than last year. I hope I can bring sales to the fellow."

The Farmers Harvest Festival is approaching. At 9:00 am on September 22, "Mosquito" will do a special live broadcast with goods on the Kuaishou Sannong Harvest Festival "Happy Village Harvest Season".

In this live broadcast, he will help farmers sell sand fruit that has been unsalable due to the epidemic. He hopes that the cooperation between "Mosquito" and Kuaishou can find a market for more agricultural special products.

  For the next life planning, "Mosquito" is full of hope.

In addition to creating employment for villagers and helping them sell seasonal agricultural products.

"Mosquito" also hopes to make good use of local product resources, explore more sustainable forms of industrialization, and expand the diversity of commodity sales.

For example, cooperate with local food processing factories to develop semi-finished products and create local characteristic brands.