China News Service, September 13th (Xie Yiguan, a reporter from China-News Finance and Economics) On September 13th, ST Intercontinental (600759), which was repeatedly on the hot search and was called "talk show concept stock" by netizens, opened with a daily limit, and then fell back in shock. , as of press time, the stock price rose 2% to 2.55 yuan per share.

ST Intercontinental stock price chart.

A "snippet" brings fire to a stock

  The reason why this stock has attracted so much attention stems from the fact that in the fifth season of the recently broadcast "Talk Show Conference", the contestant House recounted a piece of his "stock trading experience



  "The first stock I bought was a big rise. I made 3,000 (yuan) on the first day, 5,000 the next day... I lost 4,000 on the third day, and I lost on the fourth day. At 6,000, my mentality fluctuated a little... When I recovered, only 25,000 were left of the 120,000."

  During the show, House also revealed that the stock code is 600759.

Screenshot of the "Talk Show" program.

  Although the article posted on the "Laughing Fruit Factory" public account on the 11th stated that House did invest, but "it didn't really lose as much as 120,000", "Starting from the annualized rate of return, everything that follows is It's an unplanned stalk."

  However, the popularity of ST Intercontinental in the stock bar and even social media continues to rise.

On a number of trading software, ST Intercontinental ranks at the top of the popular list.

"600759", "a talk show with fire 600759" and so on were on Weibo hot search.

The parties, listed companies, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange have spoken out

  On the evening of September 12, ST Intercontinental issued an announcement saying that the company noticed that the Internet was titled "A talk show with fire "600759"!

Investors waited for the market to open, what happened?

"The report attracted market attention.

Up to now, the company's production and operation have not undergone major changes.

Investors are requested to invest rationally and pay attention to risks.

  In the early morning of the 13th, House also posted on Weibo, saying: "I am very grateful to my friends for liking this performance, but a talk show is a talk show after all, and the original intention of creating this content is just to bring some happiness to everyone. It's enough to be happy. My family and I do not currently hold this stock, nor do we have this plan. The stock market is risky, investment needs to be cautious, and please treat it rationally. "

Screenshot of Weibo posted by house.

  In the face of the fluctuation of ST Intercontinental's stock price, at noon on the 13th, the Shanghai Stock Exchange also issued a notice on the relevant situation of ST Intercontinental: This morning, the price trend of ST Intercontinental (600759) was abnormal.

The listed company has issued a clarification announcement to clarify that there has been no major change in the company's production and operation.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange has taken self-regulatory measures against abnormal trading behaviors such as raising the opening price of stocks in accordance with regulations.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange will continue to strengthen supervision, strictly identify abnormal trading behaviors that affect the normal trading order of the market and mislead investors in normal trading decisions, and take self-regulatory measures.

The stock price used to exceed 20 yuan, but now it has become a "several yuan share"

  Although the show has brought a wave of popularity to ST Intercontinental, many people do not know much about this company.

  According to company information, ST Intercontinental's full name is Intercontinental Oil and Gas Co., Ltd., which was established in August 1984.

The company takes international oil and gas exploration and development as its main business, and is committed to investing in the downstream oil and gas processing industry, logistics and sales.

  In April 2022, ST Intercontinental has already touched "the lower of the net profit before and after deducting non-recurring gains and losses for the last three consecutive fiscal years is negative, and the audit report of the financial accounting report for the most recent fiscal year shows that the company's ability to continue to operate exists. Uncertainty”, the company’s stock trading was subject to other risk warnings, the stock abbreviation was changed from “Intercontinental Oil and Gas” to “ST Intercontinental”, and the daily increase or decrease was limited to 5%.

  However, benefiting from rising oil prices, ST Intercontinental’s latest financial report shows that in the first half of 2022, the company achieved revenue of 1.335 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15.48%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 124 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 117.74%.

  Judging from the stock price trend of ST Intercontinental, in June 2015, the stock price once reached a high of 21.8 yuan, but since then the stock price has fluctuated and dropped back. In January 2021, the stock price once fell to 1.5 yuan.