China News Service, September 12. On the 11th, the official website of the People's Bank of China released the "Circular of the People's Bank of China Committee on the Eighth Round of Inspection, Rectification and Improvement of the Nineteenth Central Committee".

  Regarding the next work plan, the central bank proposed to continue to prevent and resolve financial risks.

Continuously improve risk identification, early warning and disposal mechanisms.

We will steadily and orderly advance the disposal of financial risks.

Improve the management of financial stability guarantee funds.

Implement the deposit insurance system well, and give full play to the role of deposit insurance as a platform for early correction and market-based risk disposal.

Promote the healthy and sustainable development of the platform economy.

Adhere to the positioning that houses are for living in, not for speculation, and prudently implement the real estate financial prudential management system.

Implement the accountability system for major financial risks, consolidate the responsibilities of all parties, and form a joint effort.

  Deepen financial reform in key areas.

Deepen the reform of the bond market and vigorously support direct financing.

Strengthen the coordination of domestic and foreign currency policies, promote the two-way opening of the financial market, enhance the attractiveness of RMB assets, and promote the development of the offshore RMB market.

Promote policy and development financial reforms.

Steadily advance the pilot research and development of digital renminbi.

We will deepen the construction of the central bank under the rule of law, and accelerate the work of financial legislation.

(Zhongxin Finance)