In response to soaring raw material and energy prices, the price of foodstuffs familiar to our lives continues to rise in September.

Bento shops with low retail unit prices are struggling to respond, saying that they cannot immediately reflect the increase in the price of bento boxes.

Supermarkets have voiced concerns about the impact on management, saying that they cannot fully pass on the sales price.

Bento store in business district “We will not be able to beat other stores if we raise prices any further”

This bento store, which has been in business for 31 years in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, is known for its fried chicken bento, which you can choose from three different flavors.

However, since last year, the price of cooking oil used to cook fried food has continued to rise, and until two years ago, I bought it for about 3,000 yen per can, but now it has risen to 5,500 yen.

For this reason, the fryer to be cooked was replaced with a smaller size to reduce the amount of oil used per time, and the price was raised from 500 yen to 600 yen in April this year.

In addition, since the prices of other ingredients have risen across the board, the prices of other lunch boxes have also been raised by 30 yen.

However, it is not possible at this time to raise prices further, as it will not be possible to win the competition with other stores.

Kimika Hasegawa, the manager of the bento shop Hanazen, says, “I use one can of cooking oil a day, so I consume about 20 to 25 cans a month. Soaring oil and food prices are a pain. It's tough, but there are regular customers, so I'm going to do my best."

A man who is a regular customer said, ``Prices of everything, including gasoline and wheat, have gone up.

Shoppers: “This price hike makes it hard to afford again”

At a supermarket in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, the prices of confectionery and cheese announced by the manufacturer on September 1 were immediately reflected in the sales price, and coffee and ham are also considering raising the price from the next purchase.

A woman in her 20s who was shopping said, "I became a member of society this year, but I'm having trouble with the high food costs. I often buy dairy products and sweets, but with this price increase, it will be difficult to afford again." I was talking to

At this store, it is said that the purchase price of about one-third of the products in the store has increased since this year, but it is said that it has not been sufficiently passed on to the selling price due to concerns about losing customers.

For this reason, we are striving to reduce costs, such as saving electricity for lighting and changing product packaging from trays to bags, but profits are decreasing.

Supermarket “Popular products are getting more and more expensive, really tough”

Super Izumi's CEO, Gomi Mae, said, "Popular products are getting more and more expensive, and the situation is really tough. We have no choice but to make efforts to purchase vegetables and meat as cheaply as possible."

Cooking oil Points and cautions when using repeatedly

Experts point out that if you store it properly and pay attention to its deterioration, you can use it repeatedly after frying, which saves money.

Mr. Akihiro Nakatani, a former researcher at an edible oil manufacturer who now runs a food consulting business, points out that there are several points to keep in mind when using edible oil repeatedly:

▽Adding new oil to the oil, and

▽When frying food. ▽


is said that it should be stored in a container called an oil pot and stored in a cool and dark place, and that fried food can be used 2 to 4 times.

On the other hand, he points out that "bad oil not only tastes bad, but it can also make you feel sick, and in severe cases, symptoms similar to food poisoning may occur."

On top of that, as a point to notice the deterioration of the oil, ``It is good to use a little before the yellow color becomes darker or the color has clearly changed. I want you to pay attention," he said.