[Explanation] A humanoid robot that can do housework, a mechanical dog that can carry 85 kilograms, a coffee robot that can pull flowers... From September 1st to 3rd, the 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference will be held in Shanghai.

At the exhibition site, robots showed off their skills and attracted the attention of many audiences.

  Humanoid robots have always been a big hit at the show.

Compared with previous years, robots have mastered more fine movements this year.

The human-shaped intelligent service robot on display at a booth has several functions. It can not only provide application services such as welcome reception, elderly care, cleaning, etc., but also perform Peking Opera.

Staff member Guo Ziqi said that the robot on display can already have more than 30 joints. The more joints, the more flexible it is. In addition to singing and dancing, it can also achieve fine movements such as needle threading.

  [Concurrent] Staff Guo Ziqi

  The movement of each joint can be programmed through training such as reinforcement learning, and learn every skill, such as serving tea and pouring water, doing dance moves, and doing housework and cleaning the toilet.

  [Explanation] Recently, a short video of a robot dog taking coffee and turning over has become popular on the Internet, causing many people to complain about the "clumsy" of the robot dog.

At the conference, the reporter saw a robot dog that would not roll over.

According to reports, this robot dog is the first industrial-grade waterproof robot dog in China. It goes up and down stairs "stable like an old dog" and adapts to various complex terrains. Oxygen cylinders and other rescue materials entered the disaster site to help the trapped and rescuers.

At present, this robot dog has been used in substations for inspection.

  The company's account manager Miao Xindong said frankly that although China's quadruped robots started late, compared with foreign countries, China's research and development of quadruped robots is more focused on application fields, and the follow-up investment will be more, "more stamina."

  [Concurrent] Staff Miao Xindong

  Although we are later than the United States, that is, foreign countries, we will invest more in this area in the future, we will have more personnel, and we will have more stamina. That is to say, this is the case in research and development. Of course, we will definitely surpass the United States in the future.

  [Explanation] In Metaverse Cafe, a "Metaverse" coffee machine brews coffee with one hand and pulls flowers with one hand. It only takes more than a minute to complete a cup of coffee with flowers.

This "Metaverse" coffee machine can be ordered through AR, and you can also customize the latte pattern.

  [Concurrent] Staff member Xu Pan

  Pattern It can be edited in the background program, and we can customize the pattern we like, such as the company logo.

  Reporter Xu Mingrui reports from Shanghai

Responsible editor: [Yu Xiao]