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government has decided to reduce the debt of self-employed people affected by the corona virus by up to 90%.

Reporter Lim Tae-woo summarized who can receive how much benefits, and how to apply.


Mr. Ju Ji-moon, who has been in the market for more than 10 years in the market.

Even if social distancing is lifted, shops are still quiet, but interest rates continue to rise, and I am worried about paying off debt.

[Joomoon/Merchant: I pay only interest for a year and now I am paying back the principal and interest in installments, but it is a bit tight.] The

self-employed debt has increased by nearly KRW 1,000 trillion through the Corona crisis, and the government says that up to 8% of them are in debt. I came up with a support plan because I could not pay it on time and could fall into bad credit.

Those who have difficulty repaying loans among self-employed people who have received financial assistance such as loss compensation or maturity extension at least once due to the recognition of the damage caused by COVID-19 are eligible to apply.

Those who have been overdue for more than 90 days without exceeding 1.5 billion won in total debt can receive up to 80% of the debt in excess of their assets, and up to 90% of the vulnerable groups including the basic beneficiaries.

If the number of overdue days is less than 90 days, the principal is kept and only the interest is reduced by up to 3%.

You can also pay off the debt in installments for up to 10 years.

To avoid the moral hazard of deliberately seeking to forgive debts, most credit card use or financial activities are restricted until debt reconciliation is faithfully completed.

[Kwon Dae-young/Director of Financial Policy Bureau, Financial Services Commission: If hidden assets are found through property investigation even after debt reconciliation, existing debts, such as principal adjustment, will be dealt with immediately.]

You can receive consultations at the call center next month to see if you are eligible for support .


Applications can be made online and at the on-site counter from October, and the plan is that debt adjustment will be made within two months after the application is reviewed.

(Video editing: Kim Jun-hee, VJ: Park Hyun-woo)