Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, a major American IT company, who is working on measures against infectious diseases in developing countries, attended an event held in Tokyo and said, ``Innovation is required to solve global healthcare problems. The voices of Japanese business leaders are important," he said, expressing hope that Japanese companies will contribute to the fight against infectious diseases.

The event was held at a hotel in Tokyo to discuss issues in the global healthcare field, and was attended by Bill Gates and the heads of ten Japanese companies, including pharmaceutical companies and trading companies.

First, Mr. Gates, who launched a foundation and is supporting measures such as infectious disease control in developing countries, said, ``The level of global health care has retreated due to the pandemic of the new corona. '' and sounded the alarm.

Afterwards, the Japanese companies that attended introduced their efforts, such as the development of therapeutic drugs for infectious diseases and support for low-temperature transportation of vaccines in developing countries.

In response, Gates said, ``Japanese companies have developed various technologies such as drug discovery and AI. The voices of business leaders are important," he said, expressing his expectations for further contributions by Japanese companies.

Participating Japanese companies will work together with international organizations to support infectious diseases in developing countries.