China News Service, August 18 (Zhongxin Finance and Economics Zuo Yuqing) On the 18th, it was reported that the two Nanjing Tea Yanyuese opened at the same time. Due to the excessive flow of people queuing for the new opening, Nanjing One Tea Yanyuese opened for half an hour. After the closure of the store, another store was still in normal operation. At noon, there were still a large number of citizens queuing to buy in the sweltering heat.

  Zhongxin Finance noticed that on a second-hand platform, many people provided purchasing services ranging from 100-200 yuan a cup, and said that they could run errands or pick them up by themselves.

Among them, some people posted the milk tea they had purchased, and the quantity was more than 10 cups.

Some scalpers told Zhongxin Finance that they can no longer buy today, but they can still buy tomorrow's milk tea.


Platform screenshot