China News Service, August 18th. On the 18th, Chayan Yuese opened a store in Nanjing, and a large number of people lined up at the door.

Some netizens questioned that it was a scalper, and some netizens believed that consumers came here because of their fame.

  The official Weibo of the Jiangning Branch of the Nanjing Public Security Bureau responded that there are still many people queuing up for the newly opened beverage store in Jingfeng Shopping Center in the district. At present, people have queued outside the shopping mall. It is recommended that the general public not queue again today.

  Cha Yanyuese responded through Weibo, "We will actively cooperate with the request of the public security, and hope that friends in Nanjing can come to drink tea at different times."

  "Nanjing Release" Weibo said that in general, milk tea is mostly composed of milk or milk powder, tea, sugar, starch, etc.; chasing "Internet celebrity" products should also have its own rational "sober".

(Zhongxin Finance)