Margaux Fodéré 2:18 p.m., August 18, 2022

Airbnb has decided to toughen its policy regarding the organization of parties within the accommodations it offers for rent.

While many incidents have been noted there in the past, the company has announced the implementation of a new tool to detect users likely to organize parties in advance.

Airbnb will implement an algorithm that detects users who rent a property to organize a party.

As a reminder, hosting this type of event in an Airbnb property has been strictly prohibited since June.

The platform will review user data

This measure was first put in place temporarily in August 2020, both to limit Covid contamination, but also to avoid damage to rentals.

With this technology, the platform will examine user data to identify those who may be breaking the rules.

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A system already tested in Australia

Several indicators would make it possible to anticipate this, in particular the distance of the rental from the home of the person making the reservation, the duration of the stay, but also the day of the rental.

Typically, a reservation made for an evening only on a Friday evening 30 minutes from his place of residence could attract the attention of the platform.

In any case, this system has already proven effective in Australia, where it has been tested since last October.

It has in fact made it possible to reduce the number of incidents linked to clandestine parties by 35%.