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Walid Al Zarooni

August 18 2022

Based on the national duty entrusted to every citizen and resident on this good land, social influencers and celebrities should not be stingy in promoting good investment in the UAE, especially in the real estate sector, which is one of the important tributaries of the national economy.

From this principle, it is imperative for real estate brokers to provide free consultations for the purpose of promoting real estate in the country to educate people about attractive investment opportunities, which helps in the sustainability of investment, and maintains the renewed demand in the market.

Awareness of the importance of investment and the size of the rental return or the gains achieved from the increase in the value of real estate increases the demand for the real estate sector, in the interest of the UAE economy as a whole.

During the time we live in now, it is possible to provide real estate consultancy services to millions around the world without making any effort or moving from your place by adapting social media to educate the public interested in real estate, and it is one of the services that I prefer and tend to personally and do to provide free advice on an almost daily basis in the sector. Real estate, and information related to this sector, through videos and real estate advice, and through the applications of the platforms "Snapchat", "Instagram", and "Twitter", which are the most active for him.

The expected consultations come with the aim of providing a complete view of the proposed or expected projects in all impartiality, in addition to market expectations and the appropriate time for investment, away from any marketing influences, as it presents the project in all transparency, and explains its various aspects to the investor.

The UAE has never skimped on us as real estate brokers with attractive opportunities to market and achieved through them, so we must not be stingy in promoting and working that the UAE will always be at the global and regional lead.

Currently, the real estate sector is experiencing a state of renewed momentum, and continues to break records for sales and transactions, with strong demand driving a large segment of foreigners and investors to buy luxury properties, who prefer to come to Dubai after precautionary measures during the Corona pandemic and control it in record time, and renewable investment opportunities. And the positive returns that the market provides compared to competing markets, whether in the region or the world.

I stress that one of the reasons for the success experienced by real estate brokers in the market is due to the boom that occurred in the real estate sector, which has recorded and continues to record important leaps during the past two years, the most important of which is the legislative structure of the sector and the laws and regulations that regulate the work of developers and real estate brokers.

• “Real estate brokers must provide free consultations for the purpose of promoting real estate in the country.”

Chairman of the Board of Directors of “W Capital Real Estate Brokerage”

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